Cover: The Pandaries

Chapter One: The Secret


''Can I go to your house?'' said Dean. '

'Sure,'' said Perri.

''I will call my mom and tell her to make something for us to eat," said Perri.

''While we are at your house, we can build a rocket," Dean joked.

''We have to be quiet now because we are going to get in trouble if the teacher gets us,'' said Perri.

''Ok,'' said Dean. ''I will see you at my house in 2 hours," said Perri.

''All right,'' said Dean.

''Mom, when will the food be ready?" said Perri.

''In a second,'' said Perri's mom.

"The food is ready!!! After we're done eating, I have to go to my room,'' said Perri.

"Ok," said Dean.

"Wow, your mom made all of this food for us, your mom is a miracle worker,'' said Dean.

''That food was delicious,'' said Dean.

''I have to go to my room now,'' said Perri.

Chapter Two: The Discovery


''I've been down here too long. He's probably worried about me, I have to hurry up before he figures out I'm here," says Perri.

"I'm almost done."

Perri gets the rocket she built out to the backyard hoping Dean wouldn't see it. What she didn't know was that Dean was looking out the window looking at the rocket.

"Is there a rocket outside, or is it just my imagination?'' wondered Dean. "I'm going to check it out.''

Meanwhile, in the backyard...

"Once this ship blasts up into space, I'll make a new discovery!" says Perri excitedly.

Dean starts coming down to the backyard. "That rocket is real?!!", "I can't let her go on that trip alone, I have to hurry up!"

With 12 seconds left on the clock, Dean makes it onto the ship just in time before blast off.

Chapter Two: The Discovery (Continued 1)

By this time they were about to leave the Earth and going into space. Although both Dean and Perri were on the same ship, both were in there for different reasons.

Dean was there to protect Perri, while Perri was there to make a new discovery.  One thing Perri didn't know was that Dean was on the ship.



Once Dean thinks he is safe he starts coming out of his hiding place. "I know I'm here to protect Perri, but I can't let her see me. It will be disastrous if she finds out that I'm here," says Dean.

"I can't believe it, I've found a new planet! Those scientists won't believe me if their lives depended on it, and that's only because I'm a little girl! Unbelievable," says Perri.

"I need to take a picture of it to prove my scientific discovery. Oh, no, I left my phone at my house, now there is no way those scientists will believe me. I need to find another way to prove my discovery.''

While Perri looks for something to prove her discovery, Dean is back where the cargo is playing with the no-gravity effect. "I think we are getting closer and closer to where we are going," says Dean.

"I have to stop fooling around before she notices I'm here." 


Chapter Two: The Discovery (Continued 2)

Dean and Perri were about to land on the newly discovered planet. Though they didn't know what lay ahead of them. Perri didn't come as prepared as she needed to be.

"Yes! We're almost there, a few more feeeeeeeet."

Perri and Dean have landed on the new planet without knowing what surprises were going to occur.



Chapter Two: The Discovery (Continued 3)

Let's play a game about cute Pandaries:

Chapter Three: The Invasion


The Red Demons planned an Invasion to conquer every planet one by one but firstly, they had to build an army.

This army was made out of nerds so that they can use their minds when they fight. 

The Red Demons had planned this for 2 years now. They can withstand any circumstances.

The Red Demons were confident because they have won the last war against the Pandaries. This confidence made the Demons believe that they could conquer every planet.

Chapter Four: The War


Tension broke out between the groups of soldiers. The Pandaries were desperately trying to find shelter and food to survive the attack.

The Pandaries had time before the red demons came to attack their base. The red demons were the Pandaries' worst enemy and the Pandaries were the red demons' worst enemy. 

Their history was made a long time ago, 2 billion years ago. When the red demons king came for help to the Pandaries, but they turned them down. The red demons were just seeing how the Pandaries would react to their request for help.

They found the answer they needed .The day after the red demons declared a war on the PandariesUnfortunately, the red demons won, but from the day on they became worst enemies.

Some Pandaries survived, but at the same time, they send them to a world far, far, away. Now all the king wanted to do was to destroy the Pandaries once and for all.