Cover: Strangest Things!

Section One: Strangest Things

Strangest Things!

In 1995 in Lawton, Oklahoma. There were four kids: Conor, Robbymcdiggle, Sam, and Jeff. They went to go play UNCHARTED 4 at Jeff's house on 14th street near the convention center.

The private convention is called the U.S.G.E.L which stand for United States Government experimental lab.

All four of them know an incident happened a few days ago but still it is unknown what happened. As they are playing Conor's mom calls and said dinner is ready. As the 3 boys Conor, Sam, and Robbymcdiggle leave, Conor is left alone riding on his bike. As he passes the [U.S.G.E.L], his light starts blinking and the secondhe looks up he sees a shadow and falls to the ground into the close convention which happens to be in the middle of the forest which is contaminated.

After a day passes, his mom realizes that her son Conor is missing or hiding. As she calls the community police, his brother Eric came from school not knowing that his brother Conor was not there.

The community police were on its way. After the police took her to the police station, the police asked her questions. She said that he went to jeffs house and that's the only thing that she knows Conor did.

Two minutes later the neighbors call and said that they found Connors' bike. The police then go to the site. the community police bob checks it and sees a weird goo on it.

The next day the 3 kids go into the contaminated forest they see this giant rocky entrance and go into the U.S.G.E.L to see if there are any clues to what happened after Sam yells, "here's a book." The title is the DEVIL MAN.

They looked through the book and found pictures of THE DEVIL MAN. It said that the monster is from another dimension. The kids now thought that Conor was stuck in the dimension. The kids start to freak out. Jeff said we have to find a way to get there. "Ok," Jeff said, "let's get a good night sleep and tomorrow we go and look for Conor."

The next day they go to the spot where Conor was last seen, at Jeffs' house, they check every inch of the house but did not find him. Then they went into the forest looking for clues. "Wow!" jeff screams, "there is a tunnel it looks like a portal." Rob puts his ear to the tunnel and hears screaming.

Then they saw guards in a white suit and didn't know why they were there, then they got kicked out. The kids get that they had to go back home. The next day they got together and planned to get the white suits from inside to see where Conor went.

They then got a way inside and found the suits and weapons next to them. "They are here," the guards roar. The kids start running. They all leap into the ''tunnel''.

The kids than landed somewhere but did not know where they were. But they knew that they had to find Conor wherever they were. Jeff screams, "look, there is a chair." Jeff sprints to the chair and sees goo all over the

chair. Then he calls the 2 kids and they all look at the chair and they remember that Conor's bike was covered in the same goo.

Now they know that they are in the right place. After they then see goo on the ground and start to see more and see that it makes a trail. After a few steps, they see that there is a hole in the ground and know that the goo trail went down into the hole.

All of them were too scared to go down the hole as they had said that there was that came from the hole. The kids look down and then fainted. Rob and Sam woke up but Jeff didn't. They get up and check what happened.

Section Two: Strangest Things

Then they turn back and Jeff was gone. "Oh, no, oh, no," Sam said. We have to get to the bottom of this. "Help!" they hear from everywhere. They all started going crazy. Rob said, "I want to go back home this is terrifying."

"Then Sam, you are not going until we get to the bottom of this!" So they keep on walking and try to find Conor and Jeff. After about an hour they see a rocky entrance covered in goo.They run up the door and start touching the door trying to find a way to the rocky entrance.

All of a sudden, Sam touches something gooey and the doors open. All the kids walk in slowly and see cells all over the room covered in goo. They saw Conor covered in blood inside of a cell. Conor was barely breathing and rush to him to see if he was ok.

"Take me home," Conor said. "Not yet, not until we find Jeff." So they go find them. So then they go and try to find him. On the other side of the cave, there was a passage way that led them back outside where they saw a kid on the floor.

They run up to the kid to check if it was Jeff. "It's Jeff!" Rob screams. Then they all started to cry. "We have to move on though," Sam said. So they do, they have to find a way back home. "Oh!" Rob and Sam said together, "I forgot to throw stuff on the ground to find the way back." "I know how to get back," Conor says.

"Swooosh, swoooosh," they hear. They follow Conor. Two seconds later, they see a monster. "jajajajajaaaja, you think that you will go back to the real world. You know what happened to Jeff. Well, maybe that is what is going to happen to you," the monster says.

Sam, Conor, and Rob are terrified. "How are we going to get out of here," Conor says. "We have to end this monster," Sam says. "But first," the devil man says, "let me unmask myself since you are going to die." "Jeff! no, that is not you. no, it is not Jeff."

"Jeff is the outside of my body, on the inside, I am the devil man," Jeff (the devil man) says. "Yup, but put your mask back on because I don't want to fight the trader Jeff, but the devil man."

Devil man attacks with a punch dieng on each attack, but the punch goes right into Rob's face. "Ahhh," Rob says on the floor. Pow sam kicks him in the face. "jajajja," the devil man says, "that was nothing."

"How about this?" Rob says while taking out his weapon and attacks him that like a bee stung me. pow again the devil punches rob in the face, dying every time he attacks. Conor comes and attacks the devil man in the neck and the devil man died.

Finally, Sam, Conor, and Rob find a way back home.

To be continued