Cover: Project Cor3

Chapter One: Project Cor3

Chapter 1
"The UFO is coming into our atmosphere," said the alien "specialist". The CSI agent is sending the text message to the president about the UFO. Somewhere in DC, the president starts to get worried because he is getting messages from the agent about how close the ship or UFO is getting to the Earth.
In a house in California, two 34 and two other 32  are getting a message that the president needs their help. They know why because they were undercover agents they got their gear on one name Levar got his mack on and his suit so did the rest Colin, Gavin, and Massimo. 

As soon as possible, they were in the back of a nice car going to the airport they landed in DC and went to the president's office and get the mission which was to hunt down the aliens or get them off the Earth. 
The president also said that 1/4 of the USA has been taken over by aliens. The team will have a hard time with these aliens. Somewhere on the alien ship, the overlord was saying, "humans have a plan to destroy us aliens." "That will not happen, sir," said the scientist alien. 
Back on the Earth, the president said, "we can not understand the aliens for some reason. All we hear is destroyed." "Very weird," said Gavin. "Indeed, it is," said the president. 

A few days later Boston is being attacked by aliens and the cites on fire and people are running around to find shelter but everything is destroyed.
[Back on planet]
"alien planet" the code name for the planet we do not know the real name of the planet. The Alien leader says we need to the cor3 before the planet overheats and goes boom if we get the Human cor3 we can cool the planet.
we need it soon!!!

Chapter Two: Project Cor3

Chapter 2
we will find out what is wrong.  We will also study and collect samples of the planet and see the condition of the planet.

"Get the ship ready to go to the planet." 4 hours till lift off the ship is the state of the art and can make it to the planets we have the coordinate of the planet. We hope the ship and the astronauts will survive the dangerous trip. They have the best tools and gear they should be safe...

t- 10,9, skip a few,1 blast off in seconds. The ship is in the air and getting the engines ready to go over 500,000 miles an hour and make it to the alien planet in 4 days. I hope Earth can last that long.

Three days later, on the ship, the astronauts are attacked by a laser that goes through the wing and the ship spins and the ship hits a moon and goes up in flames.

[Back on the Earth]

"Mission control, sir, we lost the ship and the suits of the astronauts are destroyed."

Chapter Three: Project Cor3

Chapter 3
How could we lose the ship so fast! it must have been an alien weapon. We have to send out the agents they know what they are doing.

So give them the news but now! We agree said, Gavin, when do we go? You will go now says the president.  I am ready to go and so is my team we will be back in 2 hours we will give you time to prepare for your quest.

Two hours later you will be accompanied by 2 scientists that will study the planet while you protect them we need information for the Earth said the agent. 

Blast off the second ship is in the air on the ship. Gavin says we can do this team we will save Earth the plan is...

3 minutes later that is my master plan sounds good sir said Levar. 2 days into the quest Levar says there is an incoming projectile says Colin it is coming straight to the ship we need to move or we will be hit let's move! Gavin rushes to the front of the ship to steer out of laser path the laser almost hit we need to be more careful of alien weapons.

All of a sudden, the ship starts spinning out of control then everything goes black. Around two Hours, the team wakes up on a planet and then they get out of the ship which is still in together and everyone is ok.

So our next move is to study the planet before it is too late. 6 hours later, we have the information so let's head back to the ship. Blast off heading back to Earth we need to go faster our we will not make it in time.