Cover: The Wormhole to the Future

Entry One: The Wormhole to the Future

"Bye Emma, be safe!" ''My mom said." "Bye, dad." "Bye Emma, see you soon!" My dad said joyfully.

As I boarded my ship, I told my self "Everything is going to be ok."

I heard of this group called S.A.S. They are super scientists that do crazy experiments and work with stuff in space. They were the ones who inspired me to go on this mission in the first place. I held on to my seat as I counted down until the blast off.


As I went into Anti- Gravity, my heartbeat got faster. I knew I had to succeed on this mission if I wanted to find a new planet. I felt if I ate something I would feel better, So I ate a hamburger. As seconds, minutes even hours passed, I remembered how boring space was.

As soon as I said this, suddenly the controls started glitching, as I looked up I saw a wormhole I braced for impact. My head was spinning, the world felt as if I was on a rollercoaster. I heard a THHHHHHuuuuuMMMPPPP.

I screamed "I AM ALIVE!!!!!", But where was I? Was I on a deserted planet? Was I in heaven?

Suddenly, I remembered what my mom said. "This is Earth," I thought, "Why was it so polluted?" Well aside,  my ship was in pieces, I would fix it after the rain stopped.

It was going to take hours to fix this, So I waited and waited and waited, Until a gust of wind blew a newspaper in my face. I checked to see what it was, it was about the group called S.A.S, they had saved someone. Well, I hope they find me soon. 

I started to fix my ship.  I think three hours passed as I worked, my reflection slowly faded. 

Entry Two: The Wormhole to the Future


Suddenly, I heard voices. I looked over and I saw S.A.S.

"Are you here to help me?" I Said. They introduced themselves as Olivia, Jasmine Liyah, and Daniella. I suddenly turned into a human, one of my abilities as half alien, half human.

They all looked stunned. Olivia asked, "weren't you just in a spacesuit?" I answered how I am half alien half human and when I see humans I turn into one.

Liyah said, "we saw you on our satellite that went off track, are you ok?" "Yeah," I answered, "why is your future so polluted? There is trash everywhere." "We are working on it," Daniella said.

"Can you help me get back in space?" "Sure," they all said. "Can you help us clean up our Earth so our future is clean?" Jasmine said. "Of course," I said. So we worked for three more hours.

When we finally finished, we ate dinner. I said, "we should wait until morning to clean up." We all agreed. When morning hit, As we got in their shuttle, Olivia asked if I wanted to go back to Earth with them.

"Sure, but I don't know how to get from the future back to the present," I said. "You have to be careful, but you can follow us back through the wormhole," Liyah said. This was a life or death situation, but I knew I had to do it.

Entry Three: The Wormhole to the Future

When I braced myself to go through the wormhole again, I remembered that we forgot to clean up. I quickly called S.A.S on the radio, I told them to make a promise between us to come back to the future and clean up.("I swore to come back to Earth and clean up.")

When we took off through the wormhole it felt like as if a bomb was exploding inside me, but in a blink of an eye, I was on Earth, real Earth! As I and S.A.S exited in our shuttles, it was like I was in this magical land. "Yep, this is Earth," Daniella said. "AMAZING!" I said in excitement.

"Hey, who's up for pizza?" Olivia asked." "OMGGGGGGGG, I have always wanted to try the pizza!" I said. " Well, today is your lucky day, Emma," Liyah said.  "This is our favorite pizza place," Jasmine said as we approached it.

"Woahhhh, I'm going to get a ton of pizzas," I said. "Hold up, I know we're super scientists and all, but we don't get paid every day," Olivia said. "Are you serious?" I said sadly. "No, we're joking!" Liyah said. "We get paid big bucks!" Olivia said as everyone laughed.  As we got to our table I thought how cool it must be to live here.

Entry Four: The Wormhole to the Future

There were so many things to order on the menu, I didn't know what to get,  but we all decided on just cheese.

"So, how's it like living in space?" Daniella said. "It's fun, but we don't have pizza or fun games like you guys have here," I said. I could smell the pizza from the oven, it smelled amazing. We waited and waited until the waiter brought our pizza, I could never be happier. I took the first bite, it tasted....... DELICIOUS, how couldn't have I tried this.

"How's the pizza?" Liyah asked. "It is really good!" I said. No one really talked through the food. After we finished I felt like I was about to pop.

Entry Five: The Wormhole to the Future

As we walked out of the restaurant, I felt like someone was watching me. I looked around but I knew it must have been my imagination.

As we walked around town, I thought how could I have left the future like that, It would affect so many people. Was I rude for doing this? I knew I had to go back to the future, I just had to. I shared this with S.A.S, and they also agreed.

"Let's go to the lab, to a more secret place to talk about this," Olivia said. We all nodded in agreement. The lab was amazing, it was underground and had so many cool features. "How can I help you girls?" a woman said. "Oh, this is Lauren, our secretary, this is Emma, she is half alien half human," Liyah said. "Hi, nice to meet you," I said. "Nice to meet you too," Lauren said.

"We don't need anything right now, we're just going to talk about a mission, but thanks," Jasmine said. "Ok," Lauren said. "So Emma shares what you have in mind," Daniella said. "You guys have been so nice to me, I was thinking we go back to the wormhole and clean up the future if you guys want to," I said. "I agree with Emma," Olivia said. "Us too," they all said.

Entry Six: The Wormhole to the Future

"Well, it's too late now. We will leave in the morning," Jasmine said. We all nodded in agreement.

"C'mon. Let's go tell Lauren," Liyah said. "Lauren we need you to charge up the rocket for us. We will be leaving tomorrow," Daniella said. "Of course," Lauren said.

As we walked back, I still felt like I was being watched but, I was probably just tired. "Let's get some rest. We have a long day tomorrow," Liyah said. "Ok," we all said. We set an alarm for 5:30 AM.

I got my pajamas on and lay down. I started thinking of how after this mission I would leave Earth, and how I hope my family is okay. I started worrying about the journey ahead and the challenges we might face. All these thoughts drifted me into a deep sleep. 

Entry Seven: The Wormhole to the Future

I hear a BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. I woke up and realized it was time to start getting ready.

I got into my space suit. We all walked out of the room looking very tired but inside probably nervous and anxious. "Good morning Lauren," we all said. But nobody responded. "Hi, Lauren," Liyah said anxiously. Nobody answered.

We all looked at each other. There was a note on her desk. The note said, "There is no turning back, go through the wormhole or something unexpected will happen, from Z." "We have to go now, we shouldn't risk it,"  Daniella said. "Let's just get some breakfast and get going," Jasmine said. "You guys start opening the launch pad and start getting the rocket ready, I will get us breakfast," Olivia said.

I climbed into the rocket while the other girls were opening the launch pad. Olivia came back with breakfast. "This is called cereal,"  Daniella said. "Cool, it looks delicious," I said. I tried it, it was amazing! When everybody finished, we started getting ready for takeoff. I heard 5,4,3,2,1. We were suddenly blasted into the air, with a rush of cold air in my face.

When we're at a good speed. Olivia turned on a movie and an hour went by.

Entry Eight: The Wormhole to the Future

"Guys, I'm really nervous about what happened to Lauren," I said fearfully. "We are too," they all said.

After this, my stomach started to growl. "LUNCH TIMEEE!" Liyah said loudly. Jasmine walked in with sandwiches. "There are lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and ham in it," she said. "Yummy," I said with a full mouth.

After we ate, Olivia asked if we wanted to play some traditional board games, I was confused. With this confused look on my face, Daniella explained the game to me, I was still confused though, but I played anyway. We played for an hour, it was really hard.

Entry Nine: The Wormhole to the Future

"Guys, we're landing in 5 minutes, so start getting your seatbelts on," Jasmine said. "Ok," we all said.

I strapped on my seatbelt and got ready for landing. 5 minutes later......... "C'mon, Emma, let's go", Olivia said. "Ok, coming," I said.

We walked out of the ship, it was more polluted than last time. "Ok, let's get started cleaning. I got a bag and a shovel for everyone," Daniella said. "Thanks," I said as she handed it to me. I started picking up trash and more trash and more trash.

It had only been 45 minutes but it felt like a million. Suddenly someone grabbed me, and put their hand in my mouth. I knew it couldn't be S.A.S, but who was it? I tried to scream, but what was the point.

Someone poked me with a needle and I suddenly felt very sleepy. Hello, Hello, Hello, where was I? Was this a dream? I rapidly got a flashback to what happened. "Get me out," I said. I tried to get up but I was chained. I saw a woman, familiar, but who was it?

"Lauren?" I said. "Emma, how did you, what happened?" "I was picking up trash and I got captured, you?" "I was writing some files, and someone grabbed me," Lauren said. "Who captured us?" I said. "Let me fill you in," Lauren said.

"Ok, so these men have been trying to capture aliens for years, and when you finally came to Earth, that was their opportunity, the first step was to kidnap me because my aunt used to be a member of this agency, and I know the agency's plans," she said. "What their plan is to capture an alien, take your DNA and use it to do lab tests, and possibly turn themselves into aliens too," Lauren said. "Oh, I forgot they also want to destroy alien populations, sorry," she said.

"This is horrible, the girls are probably so worried," I said. "Hi, ladies how may I assist you?" a  cruel looking man said. Followed by two men. "Oh we have a new guest, what is your name?" the man said. "My name is Emma," I said. "In that case let me introduce myself as Z," he said in a cocky tone.

Entry Ten: The Wormhole to the Future

"What are you going to do to her?" Lauren asked. "Oh, nothing, just a few lab tests and then finally I can do what I have always wanted," Z said. "But the tests will be at night, until then, bye ladies,” Z said.

I and Lauren screamed for help, but no one answered. I felt a vibration in my pocket, It was my phone, Olivia was calling to see where I have gone! “Who is it?” Lauren asked. I told her it was Olivia. “Tell her to come save us now!” Lauren said as she cried.

“Hello, Emma where did you go?” 

Entry Eleven: The Wormhole to the Future


"Hello girls, I am back," Z said in his usual cocky tone.

"So the tests......THUMMPP". "What was that?" Z asked. "I'm gonna go check,  X stay with them, make sure they don't escape," Z said. "You got it, boss," X said.

"Ughhhhh," Lauren said. "Hi my name is X for Xavier" X said. An hour passed, I was getting hungry and tired. X was falling asleep, this was our chance, the key was on a hook. "Lauren, waits, until X falls asleep, and get the key", I said. "Got it," Lauren said. We waited 45 minutes, and he was finally asleep.

"Lauren, push your arms as much as you can to get the key," I said. "Almost, almost, almost, GOT IT," Lauren said. "Ok, get us out," I said. "On it," Lauren said. "Click, Click". "Ok let's get out," Lauren said.

"Where do we go?" I said. "This way, this is a secret exit, I remember this perfectly," Lauren said. We went through this tunnel and we finally got out and were safe, at least we thought so. "Get back here," Z said running trying to get us. "RUN," I said. We ran and ran.

As we were running we caught up with the other girls. We couldn't talk and we just kept running. Suddenly, we heard no more footsteps, we all turned to look at each other. We turned back and saw a random face tackling Z. Wait, was it X? It was. "I never wanted to work for you, I did this to keep an eye on Emma, she is my sister," X said. "Huh?" we all said. "You have a brother,"  they all said. I guess now I do.

Entry Twelve: The Wormhole to the Future

He ran over here. "Hey girls," Xavier said. "YOU ARE MY BROTHER?" "Oh, sorry, I didn't tell you, but yeah," Xavier said. "How come you aren't at home, and where have you been?" I said. "So I was captured at birth because we are twins and......" "wait a minute, we're twins?" I asked. "Yeah, sorry for the surprise," Xavier said.

"But I wasn't captured for 14 years, mom and dad got me back the next day after I was captured, and they had to send me to another planet to keep me safe, mom and dad promised to never tell you," Xavier said.

"They found me and took me, I have been working for 6 months, I pretended to like it," Xavier said.

"Should we start picking up trash?" Daniella asked. "Sure," they all said. We picked up trash for an hour. "Guys, I think we should getting back, through the wormhole," Xavier said.

We climbed into our rocket, they climbed into theirs. We braced ourselves to go through. When we got through we went our separate ways. It has been a great adventure.