Cover: A Leap Into The Future

Chapter 1-5: A Leap Into The Future

"Come on, Jota," said Annie as they were walking down the halls of M.I.T. "We are going to be late, Timmy and Henry are already there." They walked into robotics. "Sorry, we are late.Jota is such a slowpoke," said Annie. "Am not," said Jota.

The bell rings, "Hey, who wants to go to lunch with me," said Timmy. "Me, Me, Sure."

After lunch, they all went back to their dorms for the rest of the day. Then Annie suddenly got an idea. She gathered supplies bobby pins, a flashlight, and two radios then she texted the boys.

Annie: Meet me outside my dorm at 10:30

Timmy: What is your dorm number and why

Annie: 136 and you'll see

The one thing they all knew was that something was going to change tonight forever.

Annie waited and waited until finally, she saw them.

"What took you so long."

"Sorry, Mr. Berkenson was giving our dorm a lecture."

"It's fine but be quiet, follow me."

They walked down the hall to the science lab.

"It's locked," said Timmy.

"Don't worry I'm prepared," Annie said, "I brought bobby pins."

She unlocked the lab door nice and easy. They walked into the lab it was pitch black. Annie took out her flashlight and put it o the low setting. All they saw were test tubes robots from the competition earlier that day and some effectors and wires.

All of the sudden they heard footsteps outside the door. The door opened. Mr. Berkenson walked in and he grabbed his glasses and left as quickly as he came.

Annie told them her idea. "So we can build bionic parts for one of us. So what do you think?"

"You are crazy," said Timmy and Harry at the same time.

"I actually think that is kinda cool," said Jota.

"Meet me tomorrow at the same time," said Annie.

Something was going to change tomorrow not only at the school but around the globe.

That afternoon they all had lunch together at the cafe and talked about last night.

"Who wants to volunteer to test out our bionic creations," said Annie.

"Not it," everyone says except Jota, "I guess me."

"Now that is settled. Let's figure out what to do and let's draw it out tonight."

They went to robotics and were learning about parts of the robot.

"Mr. Berkenson, can you make bionic parts for humans?"

"Yes," but it can end badly."

"What could happen?"

"Well, I honestly don't know what exactly could go wrong but it will probably end horribly if you were to make someone bionic."

Annie thought and thought and thought should we really do this. What if something goes wrong but what if it goes right. She was very nervous about this. She told them to meet them at 9:30 this time because she was really tired from robotics.

That night the boys were there before her. "Sorry, I'm late I was just thinking." "It' fine." They sneaked down the hall to the science lab. All of the sudden, they saw a shadow. They saw security.

"Oh, no." Annie told them to sneak in quickly before security looked over. They made it. "That was close," said Henry as he was wipingsweat off his forehead.

"Let's start."

They walked into the science lab and got to work.

Annie started by trying to find the materials in the room. They didn't find much but it was helpful. She found effectors, sensors, controllers, actuators, and some wires. She had to make some modifications to the controller because it had been used before. There were some wires that had been torn out.

Henry started by trying to get the actuators to work because some had been torn. Henry thought that was weird.

On the other side of the room, Timmy was measuring Jota's arm for the size so they could cut the metal. "Hold still." "sorry." Annie yawned, "I can't work anymore. Can we go back?"

They all went back to their dorms really late that night. Jota was starting to feel nervous what if something went wrong what would happen?

That morning was Saturday so they had the whole day off.

Henry went to Mr. Berkenson class for extra credit. But before he came in, he saw him talking on the phone.

"We can't have these students make a kid bionic, it will make them live the dream that I have wanted to live."

"I already sabotaged the effectors and the wires no genius can fix that."

Henry felt the world spin, what did this mean? He finally decided to knock. "I have to go". Henry walked in and did the extra credit. While he was doing it, he saw Mr.Berkenson taking wires out of the effector.

He had to leave and tell the others. He ran out of the room as quick as he could. He saw Timmy walking down the hall and ran to go tell him. "Timmy wait", "What oh hi," "Guess what I heard," "What" Mr. Berkenson is sabotaging our robot pieces because he wants us to fail".

"Oh, no, we need to tell the others because there could be a problem with the wires we put into Jota".

They ran down the hall to the algebra class. Annie and Jota would be out any minute from extra credit. After it felt like it had been too long they finally came out. "Hey, why were you guys waiting for me."

"Come with us to the tables we have something really important to tell you," said Henry.

Chapter 6-10: A Leap Into The Future

Once they were at the Cafe, Henry started talking at once. Annie couldn't believe it. She was so mad she spilled her water all over the floor then ran out.

They found her later in her dorm on her computer.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to hack into Mr. Berkenson's computer to see his emails."


"Tell me if you get in", said Timmy walking out the door.

Jota couldn't think straight what could happen to him if a bad wire was put in? Would he die? He decided that it was time to do some research.

Henry had a different more effective idea he was going to go talk to Mr. Berkenson. When he got there, he was eating lunch.

"Hi, sorry to interrupt your lunch, but I have a question."

"Go ahead ask away."

"Why are you breaking effectors and wires?"

"Because, um, um, um, tomorrow, we are looking at the parts of an effector."

"Sir, we did that in second grade there has to be another reason, what is it?"

"We are doing a project. Now go away. I am expecting a phone call."

"See you tomorrow."

"I know a kid named Henry is on to us meet me tonight in the janitors closet. Henry was able to take in all this information before Mr. Berkenson could look back. 

Henry told everybody to meet him at the hall of the janitors closet and to bring glass cups from the cafeteria. They were all there by 9:30 sharp.

"Mr. Berkenson is meeting his partner to destroy us at the janitors closet at 9:50."

"Oh, by the way, I hacked his email account," said Annie, "But I didn't have time to read it."

When they heard footsteps they quickly hid behind a plant. Two people entered the janitors closet. When the door shut they ran to the door and put the cups on it. They could hear everything loud and clear.

Mr. Berkenson was planning to sabotage them even more by making them sick by putting a substance in their water bottles in the morning.

The only thing the group didn't hear was that they were going to program a chip and put it on the wire so he could turn against his friends. It was too late for them to do anything to help Jota.

The next morning, they brought two water bottles: one they kept with them and one they put in their backpacks.

They knew the plan, Mr. Berkenson was going to the "bathroom" and go outside and make them sick. Timmy was supposed to go outside to get his "books" and catch him doing it. And so he did.

He came face to face. "What are you doing, Mr.Berkenson?" he had caught him in the act.

"Um, um, um, um, just checking Annie's bag for her homework."

"I think Annie can get her own homework, Mr.Berkenson."

"What are you up to Mr.Berkenson or the head gets involved?"

Mr.Berkenson told him a lie that Annie had broken her arm on the stairs. Timmy left. What was he thinking, that he would tell him? He met the others at the cafe.

"There is nothing we can do to stop him. We just need to be careful."

"We could tell the head," said Annie.

"But how would we explain ourselves?"


At the lab tonight something was going to change not for better but for worse.

At the lab, everybody was very quiet. Nobody talked about the day's past events, everybody was trying to concentrate.

Timmy was measuring Jota while Annie and Henry worked on the brain. Every now and then Timmy would shout out measurements for them to copy down, "100 by100".

While working on the brain Henry found a wire that had a chip in it, "Annie, did we make this chip?"

"I think so," she was so tired but she had to get things done.

So they worked and worked for hours until the brain was finished. They finally agreed that they would put the brain and the arms in tomorrow. Tomorrow was the last day of class then they would all go home for holiday break.

That morning classes were fast. They quickly ran to the science lab and installed the bionics. Jota covered his arms with a sweater he had. Jota promised to call them if anything went wrong. But little did they know this holiday break would be the worst they would all experience.    

The break was very relaxing for some but not for all.

Jota's arms were hurting and he had headaches often. He thought this was normal. Annie was getting worried about Jota because he hadn't called her.

After a while, she gathered up her courage and called Jota. "Hey, Jota, how is it going? too much pain?"

"Annie, don't talk to me. You are not my friend. Leave me alone."

"Yes, I am your friend and what's going on with you?"

"Stop being nosey, I'm no..." He hung up on her.

What was happening with him? Were the side effects of the bionics? She decided she should sleep on it and come up with the answer in the morning. She awoke at 6:00 am and had come up with an answer.

She would call Timmy and Henry later while she worked on her project. Annie was going to make a device that detected if there was a problem with the bionics or the wires or if the wires have been messed with.

But wait, could she work on it? Her mom and dad were cooking an amazing Thanksgiving dinner and she had to entertain the guests, great she had to wait another day until she could see Jota. She could call Timmy and Henry so they could come for Thanksgiving and she could tell them what she was doing.

Henry was sick. He had forgotten that Mr.Berkenson had put that thing in his water. He had been sick for 2 days but only starting to feel a little better. His phone rang, it was Annie, "Hey, you want to come over for Thanksgiving?" "Sure". 

Chapter 11-13: A Leap Into The Future

Henry called Timmy, "Hey, Annie has invited you and I to her house for Thanksgiving, want to come?"

"Sorry, Henry tells Annie that I can't come because my parents want to spend our Thanksgiving at home so sorry."

"I'll tell you what happened tomorrow, ok?"

"Ok, bye."

They all met at Annie's house around 6:30. Annie entertained the guests for a while then her parents took over and Annie rushed up the stairs into the house's office.

They were waiting for her. "Hey, sorry we are up here." "It's fine." "Let's get to work." They started out by trying to find some kind of metal and that was the hardest challenge of them all.

They finally found some in the basement. The only problem was that the metal was kind of rust but that was all they had. They gathered all their materials.

They started working on the chip that would detect if something is wrong would take about 1 day and a half to make. Meanwhile, they worked on the form of the machine it had to be light and small.

The machine was finally done. Tomorrow they would test on Jota if they could get to him. Little did they know that tomorrow something life-changing.

Annie woke up. She was tired. She worked until 11:00 yesterday because the others had gone home.

She was finally finished and the chip would be ready in a few hours. Jota was calling her.

She quickly answered, "Hi, Jota, feeling better?"

"I guess so, but I still don't understand why I was like that yesterday."

"Well, if you want to come over. We can see if anything malfunctioned."

"Sure, I'll come. What time?"

"Around 5:00."

"Ok, bye."

"Ok, see you then."

Annie spent the rest of her day studying for the tests. Until she finally came to Mr. Berkensons' homework. He had written her a note it read: Annie .....

The doorbell rang. She groaned then instantly regretted it. There stood Jota looking as weak as ever holding his arm in place.

"Are you ok? you look horrible."

"I have been better but not that bad."

"So are you ready to see if something went wrong?"


Annie picked up the machine and turned on the scanner. The machine beeped when the machine went over his head. Annie looked at the machine. It indicated something was inside a wire. Annie carefully took off the hat that had the brain in it.

"We should give you a rest."

"No, Annie I am seriously fine."

"No, you are not. You are going to have to wait whether you like it or not."


Jota wanted to resist but he couldn't he had to rest. He knew Annie was right she always was.

"Jota, go get some rest and see me tomorrow, ok?"


The chip took all night to process.In the morning Annie was finally able to finish the chip. Annie woke up. The chip was finally done.

It was a miracle that that chip processed. Annie went to the computer. The computer had detected that some kind of formula was put in so if it were put in a brain would cause the person to turn against their close friends.

Annie was somewhat surprised but really not that much. She called Jota to meet her at 4:00 after lunch. She was so bored out of her mind even though she knew she had to look for a solution for the chip because it was so strong nothing could repair it.

Jota woke up. It was 5:00. He lay his head back down, then instantly got back up. He was late. Annie would be so worried. He quickly put on his shoes and ran out the door as quick as he had ever done. He got into his car as was there at the door of Annie's house at 5:30.

Annie ran down the stairs looking as pale as ever.

"Why are you late?!"

"Sorry I fell asleep."

"Whatever, just come upstairs I have the problem."

Annie told him about the chip and what it was about. Jota was more suprised than Annie had ever seen him be.

"I have an idea who might have done this!"



"I understand now I am not that surprised I should have thought about that before."

"I know."

Annie decided to keep the note from Jota. She didn't want to worry him even more. Annie sent Jota away so he could rest.

Annie picked up the newspaper and one article caught her eye.

It read, "Breaking News: Government has found an object with a special formula. The object has been found in a restricted part of the White House.This is avery valuable finding. We are not allowed to share anymore information about this topic but we have a few words from the government: 'We are not allowed to share any more information due to security purposes but we are very happy with this finding.'"

Annie stood there it was as if the world had answered her. She had a plan. She would not be able to finish the note because tomorrow she would be on the run.


Chapter 13: A Leap into the Future

Henry called her in the morning.

"Hi, Annie, what are we going to do about Jota?"

"I am inviting everyone over to my house today to talk about that."

"Ok, what time?"

"Around 6:00."

"I'll be there."

Annie spent the whole day trying to plan out the what she would say to her mom if they left for a long time or how they would disguise themselves if they were to go get the item and where it would be.

Everyone arrived at 6:00. They ate dinner that Annie's mom had made and went upstairs to the study.

"I know what we are going to about this situation."

"What?" said Jota.

"We are going to leave tomorrow night to the White House, there is a train that leaves tomorrow night at 7:00."

"What are we going to tell our parents?" said Timmy.

"Each one of you will tell that you are sleeping over at each other's house and I will say I am sleeping over at Emma's house."

"So tomorrow come with a backpack with some clothes?" asked Henry.

"Yeah, so tell your parents tonight and we are leaving tomorrow night. Be here at 6:30 outside my house in the garden."

They all left. Annie was so nervous she didn't fall asleep until 11:00. She kept asking herself What will happen if their parents find out? What if they miss the train? 

She spent the whole day calling them and making them pack a food water and clothes. At 6:30, Annie told her parents she was leaving for the sleepover. Annie knew Emma lived three hours from her house so if anything she would tell her parents she was stuck in traffic.

Annie walked outside where they were in the garden waiting so patiently. 

"Hi, guys." 

"Hey, whose car are we taking?" said Timmy.

"We will take mine because I am at a 'sleepover'." 

They all got into the car. When they finally got there, they had to sprint to catch the train. The train would take 4 hours. They had dinner on the train. And when they got there, they quickly went to Annie's aunt's house to sleep for a bit and get up at 4:00 again to go to the White House. 

They woke up and took the aunt's car.  "Where are we going to park the car?" said Henry. " I looked at a map of the White House. We are going to park in the back lot of the White House." "Ok." They quickly got out of the car. 

The back door was locked obviously. "It's locked," said Timmy. "I know, what can we use?" There was two minutes of complete silence. "I know," Annie took out a bobby pin out of her hair. "That is perfect." They inserted the bobby pin and twisted and turned it. It finally budged. 

They slowly opened the door the coast was clear. Annie had spent the last hour from 3:00 to 4:00 studying the layout of the White House. They had five doors they needed to try. This was going to be a long night.


Chapter 14-15: A Leap Into The Future

The first two doors were located on the west side of the White House. The first door was 
surprisingly unlocked. They went in.

"Ok, Annie, Jota, go to that side of the room and I and Henry will go to the other"

"Ok. Let's start".

They took everything out and they looked everywhere. Nothing was there.

"Guys, we can only spend 10 minutes in each room."

"Let's go to the next room."

The next room was only one door down. Annie stopped before going in. Annie had the newspaper in her hands.

"Guys, I have to show you something."

"I was walking and a drop of water fell from the ceiling on the newspaper and look what is happening."

The newspaper was revealing information as the water was spreading. Annie read out loud: The door where the treasure is hidden is on the far right getting there might be a big fright walk slowly or get caught you will only choose one when you get there you might think you have won but there is still a lot to be done Where you will find the treasure is somewhere surprising in the bricks or where people are smiling. Use this wisely.

Annie knew exactly where to go. They all followed her. Annie stopped, "We have to take off our shoes so we don't make noise when we run"

"We have to hurry up. It is already 4:30."

They held their shoes in their hands and ran. They finally got there. The door was unlocked. On the right side of the room was a mioror. They quickly started looking everywhere.

"I think I found something," said Henry.


"You know when it said it could be in the bricks, well I noticed there is something weird about this brick."

They walked over to the brick it was misplaced a bit. It could only be seen from the ground. Jota tried to pull out the brick and it came so easily. There was a keepad.

"Oh my gosh, what do we do?"

"Let's look at the writing in the newspaper."

They read it and tried to figure out the numbers by looking everywhere. It took ten minutes. Jota came up with the answer, "I know. Separate the poem into stanzas and count the number of words in each stana they counted.

"The numbers are 12, 7,10,10, 7,and 16."

"Jota, you should type it into the keypad."

"Ok," he typed it in. The brick gave a quick shake and it opened. What came out was a chip. They had done it now they just had to get home safely. They retraced their steps and at 5:00 they were driving home. 

When they got home, Annie took the newspaper and wrote a letter to the government and she quickly realized that was her dad's friend that had come over for dinner two weeks ago. The government would understand hopefully.  
Jota carefully wrapped his chip carefully in a box. Their train would leave at 11:00 and they couldn't be late.

They quickly said thank you to Annie's aunt and packed some sandwiches for the way. They were off to the train station. They got there a bit early and ate quickly before their train arrived. They got off the train.

They took Annie's car and decided to drop everyone off at there houses. Annie got to her house at about 2:00. Annie's mom asked how the sleepover had been.

"Fine. We pulled an all-nighter, so I am going to go rest."