Cover: The Eclipse Ostriches

Chapter One: The Eclipse Ostriches

Chapter 1


Breaking News, a strange alien-like green looking ostrich came falling from the sky, during our precious lunar eclipse!! I'll see you next with more information about this mysterious creature.

Mr. Cheese: Hey, Jules, come quick, some news reporter is giving a grand prize to whichever scientist can figure out what this creature is about.

Jules Fern: Well, if we do then we need to get the gang back together and find this green alien creature thing.

[Ring Ring]

Bonquifi: I swear if this is another telemarketer I will break this phone.

Jules Fern: Hello, this is In Front Chicken Apartment. May I take your order?

Bonquifi: Who is this? Who is your boss?

Jules Fern: JK, we are all getting together again at the.P.P.P.P LAB.

Bonquifi: Wait, I thought it was burnt down 15 years ago.

Jules Fern, It did but we are all trying to find the eclipse ostrich.

Stag Mike: Is this Pizza Yut? Can I have a large Margherita pizza?

Mr. Cheese: Uh... no? It's me, remember?

Stag Mike: Who is this?

Mr. Cheese: Sigh... Just get to the old lab. Don't ask questions.

Stag Mike: Oh... It is you. I'll go.

Chapter Two: The Eclipse Ostriches

Chapter 2
Jules Fern: Wow, I can't believe we got everyone back together.

Bonquifi: Why are we all here again, I honestly forgot.

Mr. Cheese: We are here to find the elusive Eclipse Ostriches.

Stag Mike: What are those again?

Mr. Cheese: They are ostriches that come from space during eclipses. None the less we have to find a way to get to them and find them.

Mr. Cheese:  Ok, now let's go to the car.

Bonquifi: I'll drive.

Stag Mike: I call dibs on the sunroof.

Mr. Cheese: Drop me off at the library to research the ostriches homeworld.

[After being dropped off at the library]

Mr. Cheese: We need to get ideas to find them, capture one, and eventually get to their homeworld.

[Went straight to the old newspapers. Several minutes later.]

Newspaper: A weird green glowing creature found in a music studio when playing Bobby Vinton. Recently this year a scientist came up with a hypothesis that the green creature was attracted to recent music. 

Mr. Cheese: Wait, that description fits the eclipse ostriches, it must be them! I know when we have to go.

Chapter Three: The Eclipse Ostriches

Chapter 3
[Meanwhile in the Car] 

Bonquifi: So why did we get in the car?

Stag Mike: We need to go find the eclipse ostrich.

Jules Fern: I got a text from Cheese, we need to go to the abandoned music studio. He also said to pick him up from the library.

[Setting: At the music studio]

Mr. Cheese: I'll inspect the area. [after a few minutes...] Look I found the creature, come quick!

Bonquifi: What are you talking about? I don't see it.

Mr. Cheese: But...Was it just...there?

Stag Mike: Look, the creature dropped a feather!

Jules Fern: Let us take it back to the lab.

[Setting: At the lab]

Bonquifi: Hurry up, Cheese!

Mr. Cheese: I have the results... the feather was RADIOACTIVE! Luckily we don't have radiation poisoning.

Stag Mike: So what are we going to do...

Mr. Cheese: First of all, we need to put more money in the budget. Any donors? No one? Fine, I'll do it. And we need Hazmat suits. Anyone know where to get them?

Bonquifi: Actually I think there is nuclear power plant closing down the street. Tomorrow when I come I'll see if I can get a few from them.

Chapter Four: The Eclipse Ostriches

Chapter 4


Bonquifi: Woah, this place is so big! Hello, is anyone in here?

Scientist: Hello, Mam, are you here to purchase an item?

Bonquifi: Yes I'm here to pick up some hazmat suits.

Scientist: Right this way, Mam. The owner will see you shortly.

Owner: Hello, how may I assist you?

Bonquifi: I am here to pick up 5 hazmat suits.

Owner: Okay, here they are.That will be $350.

Bonquifi: Here's my credit card.

Owner: Thank you for purchasing them.

[Meanwhile At the lab]

Stag Mike: Hold on, I just got a text from Mr. Cheese he's sick and he left instructions so we can build the time machine.

Bonquifi: Hey guys, I brought hazmat suits for all of us.

Stag Mike: That's great, and Mr. Cheese is sick and wants us to build the time machine.

Jules Fern: Hey, I found the instructions, they were by the computer next to some swiss cheese.

Stag Mike: He's also shipping the materials over, they should arrive around 3 o'clock.

Bonquifi: Let's start trying out the hazmat suits.

Chapter Five: The Eclipse Ostriches

Chapter 5
Bonquifi: Finally the parts came I'll sign the papers.

Jules Fern: Let's get building.

[Several Hours Later] 

Bonquifi: I think we mixed up the batteries we put the small one instead of the large one in the engine bay instead of the large one I'll go fix it.

Stag Mike: I'll add the finishing touch a beanie.

[A day later] 

Mr. Cheese: Woah, are you kidding me, this is perfect! And you even added a Beanie! Let's go to the 60s.

Jules Fern: Yeah let's go!

Bonquifi: Then we better hurry.

Stag Mike: I call driving. I also studied the driving manual you gave me. After going to the 60s.

Bonquifi: Let's go to the area of the sighting before the eclipse.

[After several minutes] 

Jules Fern: hold on the sighing is happening.

Stag Mike: Let's follow it to its ship.

[Near the ship]

Bonqifi: Let's board the ship without anyone noticing.

Chapter Six: The Eclipse Ostriches

Chapter 6
Jules Fern: Wow, this place is very technological for Ostriches.

Stag Mike:*Knocks over lamp* Ugh...

*ostriches start running toward them*

Bonquifi: Everyone got their hazmat suits?

Mr. Cheese: I think? *Checks bag* I left it in the lab!

*Ostriches capture Mr. Cheese*

Mr. Cheese: I'm feeling all the symptoms of radiation poisoning.