Cover: What Would Happen...

Prologue-Chapter 2: What Would Happen...


In the year of 2098, the asteroid Ceres stoke the earth in the opposite direction that the Earth was spinning in, and eventually stopped the Earth from spinning. After that, humanity had gone crazy. There is six months of day and six months of night. Only three people survived, and those three men were Nathan, Zhang, and Luke, but they are not alone.

Chapter 1: The world has changed

That was the end of many animal species. When Ceres crashed on the earth, it divided it into three main parts, two giant oceans, and one big continent. The 3 survivors knew that it was the end of humanity, and decided to make the most of their lives. To survive, they must dominate the most vicious monsters, which have evolved from the animals that we usually know and love. Luke was the builder, Zhang fought the monsters, and Nathan was the strategist. 

Chapter 2:   Luke builds the shelter

We already had roles in the "new earth," but the most important thing was the shelter because there were many dangers out there. Building the shelter was the job for Luke. We chose an underground fortress made with anything that we could find. Things like wood, steel, stone. At least we had supplies and a machine that extracted oxygen from water. While Luke was building the shelter, Nathan managed to find a pickaxe that he used to fight a monster that he also managed to encounter. It broke after that.


"Life is scary. Everything that I knew is gone. It's unbelievable," said Zhang. "I agree. Earth will never be the same," said Nathan.  "I miss going to the zoo or the park with my family and friends. I can't do any of those things anymore," continued Zhang.  "Well," replied Nathan, "We are going to have to get through this whether we like it or not."

Chapter 3: What Would Happen...

Chapter 3:  The monster fighting dog

If we wanted weapons, we needed as many materials as we could get. So, we all gathered materials like stone, steel, string, and other strong materials. We made spears, knives, bows, and arrows. With the weapons we made, we defended ourselves from the dangers in the new world, like monsters. 

At least we have anti-radiation suits,


 but we don't know how long will they protect us for. On his way to pick up some more steel from outside, Nathan heard a rustling noise. "Who's there?" He asked.

Yelled Nathan. Out of the rubble came out a dog-like entity. Nathan brought out his sword. The monster stuck out its tongue and made a panting sound. Nathan asked it, "Are you... friendly?" 

The dog-thing did not make any attempts to answer back. Nathan put down his sword and started torward the dog-thing. Jumped into into Nathan's arms and started licking him.

"Aww, you're a cute little guy, aren't you?" said Nathan.

"I'm going to take you back to base. Okay?" the dog-thing barks.

On the way back though, the dog-thing goes into a barking fit. "What's wrong?" Nathan asks. It looks to the left. "Oh," Nathan says when he notices that there is a 10 foot monster. 

When Nathan came back to the base with the dog-thing, Luke and Zhang were instantly suprised. "What is that thing?" Luke asks. "I not sure, but it's really nice. It's like a dog," Nathan answers. "Get that thing out of here. It could be really dangerous for all we know," Zhang says.  "Are you kidding? This dog is awesome," Nathan says.

"Two things," Zhang continues,"It's not a dog. Second, it won't be so awesome when it decides to stab you in the back."  "We should give it a name. How about Slimy?" Nathan says, ignoring Zhang. "Sounds like a good name," says Luke.  "Fine, but if it decides to attack, I have nothing to do with it," Zhang says.    

Nathan decided to take the dog out for a walk. "You don't need a leash do you?" asked Nathan. "You're a good boy. You don't need a leash. Alright, let's go."

The second Nathan opens the door, Slimy takes off running. "Slimy, get back here!" Nathan chases after the dog.   The dog runs into the bushes. Nathan goes through also. They come to an open field, and the dog stops. Nathan had finally caught the dog.

"What is wrong with you?" Nathan asks. "I thought you were a good dog." Nathan looks around, and finds that him and the dog were completely lost. Then he notices these odd looking flowers. "Wow, never seen those before," he says. 


Chapter 4-7: What Would Happen...

Chapter 4: Fighting monsters

The monsters in this world are not less than just animals or people that due to the radiation turned into this beasts, even if they were people. We have to defend ourselves no matter the cost, now that we have weapons and the mutant fighting dog this journey will be easier.

Chapter 5: Finding resources 

With the mutant dog, it's easier to find resources since he has a very good sense of smell, we have to find different thing every day like fresh seeds and food to grow in our "garden"  where we have different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Some grow instantly, others never grow, but some turn into little-walking wood monsters that are actually really weak. 

Chapter 6: Civilization

One day, we all went to explore out the world when we heard a scream. It didn't sound like a monster neither an animal, it had to be a human. We went to see what was happening and there was a human surrounded by 5 monsters. At a time we went there, he noticed us then said, "help, help, please." Each one of us caught a monster on the back. After he was free, we asked him where did he come from, he told us, "I come from ultratown. It's a little town of people that survived the big explosion, some of us are mutated. Come with me and I will show you where it is." We stood in fighting position. Zhang aimed him with his bow and said, "how do we know that it isn't a trap." Then the raider put his hands in his pocket and we were about to atack him.

Chapter 7: The new ones in town

The raider took out a piece of food. It looked like an apple but it wasn't the case, he said, "In my town, we grow these fruits, they regenerate you, make you faster and stronger." Nathan said, "how do we know that it isn't poisonous." The raider took out a knife. Luke quickly took a rock and throw it at his hand. He dropped the knife, then the raider said, "It's to cut the fruit in half so that I can show you that it is safe." First, he took a bite and he seemed okay, then we cut it in three and each one of us took a bite.