Cover: Tsunami Terror

Section 1: Tsunami Terror

It was a rainy day in Riverdale. 



The superheroes Keke (the Unicorn), Crystal (the Cheetah), and Sara (the Pomeranian) were living their normal life.

Suddenly, they heard the evil laugh of Kai (the alpaca) and sprang into action. "Kai must be planning to take over the world again," said Keke. "We better go see what she is up to," suggested Crystal. 

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And so they went to the headquarters of Kai. 

Keke used her diamond laser earrings to open an entrance to pass through. "I will use my collar to turn invisible and hear what Kai is planning," announced Crystal.


The magical cheetah was eavesdropping on Kai but she got caught because Kai's fur tickled her nose and made her sneeze. "What is taking Crystal so long?!" asked Sara.

"Ahh!" shrieked Crystal.

Keke and Sara ran in and saw Crystal tied up with a super-thick rope. Sara ran in and dropped a titanium cage over Kai. Then Keke touched the rope around Crystal with her magical unicorn horn and she was free.

"Run!" exclaimed Crystal. But Sara had dropped her special enchanted bow, the one that helped her fly. Nevertheless, they ran away to their headquarters and closed all doors.

"Come here one second so I can tell you about Kai's evil plan," Crystal whispered. She told them that the blue alpaca was planning a tsunami that will be caused by her huge robot.

"Let me explain how a tsunami forms. Maybe that will help us," she explained.

"The robot will slam the bottom of the ocean floor with its fists. Which will cause the plates in the Earth to shift and cause a tsunami."

After that horrible news, Keke showed them something she has been working on for many years just for this kind of situation. "I have created this flower that--when Kai eats it--she will become good," Keke explained. Okay, let's go! Keke said very excitably."Well, let's go!" They hopped on their DJI drone and zoomed into hyperspace.

"Wait a minute! Where is my bow?!'' Sara exclaimed. "Now we've got two problems to solve," sighed Crystal. ''Crystal, where are you taking us?" exclaimed Keke. ''I am taking you to a secret passageway in the back,'' said Crystal mysteriously.

''How do you know there is a secret passageway?" questioned Sara. ''I... I... I saw it when she trapped me,'' said Crystal stammering. ''Are you OK, Crystal?'' asked Keke. ''I'm fine. I'm just... nervous,'' said Crystal awkwardly. What the others didn't know was that Crystal was working for Kai...

Section 2: Tsunami Terror

"Wait here. I'll be right back," Crystal said suspiciously.

"Where are you going?" asked Keke inquisitively. "I..I need to go get something," Crystal said mysteriously. Keke looked at Sara oddly. "O..ok then see you later," Sara said.

As soon as Crystal left, they followed her, trying not to be seen. "Hello, Crystal, did you bring the plans?" "Y...Yes, ma'am," Crystal said. "Gooood," said Kai firmly.

Kai looked at Crystal suspiciously. "Did you bring the flower?" Kai asked. "I...I...I couldn't, Keke protects it with a powerful spell. Which is impossible to break. Why do you want it though?" Crystal stammered. "Fine, I'll tell you. This flower's pollen is very powerful. I can control people with it and it will help me take over the world!" exclaimed Kai.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT SHE WANTS THAT FLOWER!" Keke screamed. "SHHHHHH," they're gonna listen," said Sara. "It has taken me over a decade and Crystal just wants to give it to our worst enemy. That's messed up," whispered Keke.


Kai released her evil minions. Like robots, they moved at the same pace. "I bet no one is can put your minions away," Crystal said nervously. 

"Oh, my dear, don't worry, each of these dinosaurs are actually atomic bombs, " explained Kai, "I had installed a brain system which tells the muscles what to do but only under my power. Their power source is based on hydropower. These robots are connected to a hydroelectric dam which when I press this red button will activate and destroy 20 feet around its surroundings."