Cover: The Big Surprise

Overview: The Big Surprise

Chapter 1: The Big Surprise

Chapter 1 

Genavive Sleeman: "Coming to you live from Earth's International News Station, this is Genavive Sleeman. 524 years ago, our ancestors made a now-viral video that explains why the human race needed trees.

Obviously seen by the current circumstances, the video didn't cause any change in our behavior. Because of the ignorance that deforestation was taking place, many people didn't know what a huge threat they were to the environment.

Ever since, the rate of the human race produced carbon dioxide through gasoline and fossil fuels, the carbon in the stratosphere increased so much that the remaining trees couldn't produce enough clean oxygen to sustain life.

As you all know, every world leader came together to build the machine that connects to the dome we see each and every time you look at the sky.

For those of you who do not know, the machines' purpose is to collect all the carbon dioxide from Earth and transfer it into breathable oxygen. All of this is possible because of our founder, a brilliant shapeshifter, Dr. Fezz from Fezco Enterprises.

He created a life-sustaining machine that uses ultraviolet light to separate carbon and oxygen molecules for us to reuse oxygen in our daily lives.

It is almost the quarter of the century and for the very first time, our founder is going to celebrate our existence with the surprise of the century and he won't reveal until the big day!

"That's all for today, I am Genavive Sleeman, now let's go to traffic," this was said three days ago, when we weren't in trouble. Three days ago, the human race was finally at peace, not worried if we would see tomorrow. Three days ago...

Chapter 2: The Big Surprise

Chapter 2: Sam's point of view

"Today is going to be the greatest day in history! Today is the day that other aliens from other galaxies and planets come together on Earth to celebrate the machine's founder and the quarter of the century. The whole world is celebrating in their own way, People in Brazil and New Orleans are having huge parades, feasts, and festivities.


Other regions are celebrating with just having simple barbeques in their backyards with their families and friends. Some aliens came across thousands of quadrants just for this surprise and the most powerful aliens from their planets are coming to the White House.

I said all of this out loud and my mom scolded at me, using that same scold when she thinks that I'm crazy for wanting to be a news reporter, or she might be thinking, "Just enjoy the party."

My whole life I have wanted to be in the news, a reporter, or journalist, but my parents have always said that it was a waste of time. So instead I foucesed my career to space.

Eventually, I became an astronaut and became happy with my job, but in all my 27 years of life I have never given up on my dream. Right now my family and I are in the White House's garden waiting for the fire works to start. All around me are families of humans and aliens alike. They are all eating and buzzing with excitement for the big surprise.

Music was blasting and everyone was just having an exquisite time being with their family and friends. Suddenly there was a huge blast from behind the White House. In unison everyone looked up, beautiful, vivid, and fiery colors illuminated the whole sky!

My dad had my little brother on his sholders, he marveled at the lights, especially the blue ones; they're his favorite color. After the spectacular light show was done it was finally time for The Big Surprise! The founder came out and started to give his speech. The news he shared with us was completly shocking.

Instead of giving us news of the joyful and exciting surprise, he gave us news that would change everything. It was a surprise alright, but it was definitely the worst surprise of the century.

"As most of you know and for those who don't, I am Dr. Fezz, I am the creator of the Fezzgen. Today was supposed to be about an amazing surprise, but with a heavy heart, I regret to inform you that the machine we are all supossed to be celebrating, the Fezzgen, has suddenly malfunctioned, and as of now we have no clean oxygen being recieved. "

Chapter 3: The Big Surprise

Chapter 3: Dr. Fezz's point of view

"Please, nobody panic, hyperventilating, will lead us to doom... just kidding! But really, please don't. Also, I give my condolences if this causes any inconvenience, but due to the state of emergency, please try not to hyperventilate because of the number of inhabitants on the planet. Trying to evacuate the planet will cause more pollution to the planet and will endanger the population. Again, my apologies for the inconvenience, and please do not evacuate the planet, for it will surely lead us to certain doom. Thank you."

I walked out of the White House and went toward the space center. "How could the machine have broken? I built it to withstand a cosmic wave for crying out loud!" It didn't make any sense.

I put on my space suit showing my logo with the initials of my crew, but when I looked at it, it was different, as if somebody changed my crew. I decided to leave the typo and walked out of my room. Before I knew it, I was crowded with reporters and news stations, taking pictures of me and trying to ask me the same questions: "How did the machine break? When will it be repaired? Was this done on purpose by an alien and should we trust them?" It gave me a headache just to walk past them.

When I got to the spaceship, I felt so much pressure on my shoulders. I was literally going to have to save the world from a machine that I built for everybody. But I knew I wasn't going to do it alone. I have good friends at the space station that are mad geniuses and I was looking forward to seeing them. The door opened for my crew to come in, but they were not who I expected to see. 

Instead, I saw a little girl, a lost boy, and a news reporter. I asked them for my crew, but the girl just said: "Oh, we are your new crew and I must say, sir, it is an honor to be onboard with you." I was shocked to hear this unexpected news. My new crew showed no signs of leaving anytime soon. 

"Why are you here? Surely you do not have enough experience in saving the planet, am I right?" I said.

The want-to-be-astronaut girl stood with such disbelief and rage which astonished me in such a way I cannot imagine. She said these words, which I will never forget: "Don't judge people, Dr. Fezz. Just because you may see me on the outside as just a little girl, doesn't mean you know me from the inside. You of all people should know that."

I turned pale. I was shocked to hear this and glanced at the boy and reporter which were nearly astonished as I was.

"Fine, let's just get this over with," I said. "We get there, fix the Fezz machine, and save the world. Got that?"

"Yeah!" everyone else replied. The girl, still filled with some rage, looked at me, then looked at the ship and all of her rages faded into a state of awe. I looked at the ship and with the amount of technology it had, it was as if it had a life of its own; and let me tell you, it was an astonishing site.

Chapter 4: The Big Surprise

Chapter 4: Dillan's point of view

After the little dispute between my fellow peers, I automatically had felt uncomfortable ever since. It's the exact same feeling I felt when I was little kid, the same feeling when I was auditioning for all types of the band because people kept saying that I have special "talent" for the saxophone. I will never forget that terrible day.

Before the incident, I remember that I practiced day and night, nonstop for almost every weekend I had time for. I practiced my favorite songs until my mother urged me to sleep after 8 hours straight of music. When I practiced, I didn't need food or water, music always seemed to distract me from it. And in a strange way, it comforted me in the worst of times. There was nothing in the world that would make me give up music then.

One day, I saw a sign on the street saying, "Musicians welcomed to audition for the National Honors Band! Audition today!" I remember begging my parents to let me audition for the "NHB" and although they were over-protective and never allowed me to leave the state alone, they let me practice, so I did.

I practiced every day for longer hours and barely got any sleep, but I continued to practice. Then, audition day was upon me and I thanked God it was held in my hometown. I walked in front of the building, but stopped. I turned around and I saw my parents waving to me and saying things like "Good luck!" and "Love you!" I was determined to make them proud. When I walked in the room, I saw all types of instruments and heard all types of music. Nobody was the same, and that's what made it perfect. 

While I waited for my name to be called, The number of participants dwindled and seemed to disappear around me. The minutes seemed like hours and the longer I waited in that room,  the more worried and anxious I got. Finally, I was the last one, and they called my name. "Dillan". I stood up, but I felt sick.

The room seemed to gently rock like a boat, turning me left and right, guiding me out of the door with a slight push. I went into the audition room and the room seemed to rock harder and harder. The building more violent until the judges said one word: play. The room stopped rocking, but my fingers had a life of their own. Trembling uncontrollably, it was hard to even place my fingers on the keyholes. I tried to ignore it. I breathed to take back the control of my body, in and out, in and out. I was ready.

When I put the reed in my mouth, the worries seemed to disappear and the music was the best I've played in my life. I had control again, but the room woke up again, shaking me back and forth, more and more violent, so I stopped playing. I felt so sick that I didn't even bother to finish the piece.

I ran out of the room while people were yelling "Wait!" and "Stop!" I ran to the car with this feeling that stayed ever since I played. When I got home, I started to practice and the room rocked me. Wherever I played, whenever I played, my mind seemed to play tricks with me, as if it's telling me to stop. The feeling stayed the same whenever I played the saxophone and I stopped playing ever since. 

When the feeling went away, Zap! Back into the real world. I looked out the window and I couldn't believe what I saw. I freaked out. I saw the Earth where it wasn't supposed to be, the stars seemed bigger, and the moon seemed less than a couple of miles away. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I asked frantically to anyone, screaming even. "Where are we? What happened?!" Dr. Fezz, the girl, and the reporter surrounded me in concern. I was shocked when Dr. Fezz said "Son, you won't believe this, but you passed out and, well...", anxious, I just blurted out "Well what?!" He said with lots of concern in his voice, "Well, we're in space. Welcome to the sea of stars." I felt like passing out again.


Chapter 5: The Big Surprise

Chapter 5: Genevive's point of view

Looking out of the window, and being filled with panic, I did the only brave thing I could do: complaint. "Ok, let's look at what recently happened. We're in space without noticing me, a kid passed out because he had a flashback, a girl is ready for the actual mission, and I'm stuck here with the person I tried to get an interview with.

I just wanted to get on this ship for an interview from Dr. Fezz to get a promotion for my job. I didn't want to get stuck in space!" I pace back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until the boy, or Dillian, shouted: "You're not helping the stress level here!" So, I stopped pacing. 

"What am I supposed to do? It's not like I can just go right up to the machine and fix the thing in 2 seconds!" There was a pause of silence and the three astronauts looked at each other with smiles. Obviously, I didn't know what was going on. So I asked, and they ignored. They huddled up and started discussing who knows what. 

When they finally finished discussing whatever boring science thing, I saw something placed in the middle of them. Apparently, they built a thing where basically, it would fix the machine from the inside in about 2 seconds. Ha! They used my idea, I'm such a genius! They tried to explain to me that the machine was very simple to use, but I stopped paying attention after the 4th time they told me the same things over and over. It's not like it's important, they're the ones fixing the machine, not me. 

We got to the machine after like, 30 whole minutes. I thought it would've gone faster because of all of the rocket thingies on the bottom of this ship. I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying until Dr. Fezz said: "Got that?" He explained to me what I had to do and I was in shock. I had to save the world.