Cover: The Story in Space

Chapter 1: The Story In Space

Chapter 1
Jenny is a student at Coralville Middle. She was walking home from school thinking about the discussion on current events they had that day. Jenny's friends noticed that she was gazing at the sky. Her friends were yelling, "Have a great weekend, Jenny!" Jenny did not respond. One of her classmates yelled,''Jenny can you hear me?" Jenny never responded. Jenny was in her own little world thinking about the galaxies: what if? The conversation she had with Mrs. Smith kept playing over and over again. 
That day, Jenny and Mrs. Smith spoke about the Solar Eclipse and the chances of seeing other planets with the naked eye. Jenny arrived home and she was exhausted from the school week and needed to rest.

As Jenny was getting dressed, she seemed to get really tired. She went to sleep and then she started to have a dream, a dream that she would never forget. In the dream, she saw two people and they introduced themselves as Solar and Rain. The two of them went to a planet called Spectrum X. They were walking around looking at strange objects but they seemed all alone. They didn't know that they weren't supposed to be there because they were aliens. Jenny recognized that they looked different and then she went out to help them. Jenny told them how they weren't supposed to be there because they're aliens. Jenny told them that this had become the law 5 years ago after aliens came and destroyed our planet it took thousands of dollars to fix the planet.That's when Jenny woke up from her dream with the interruption of mom calling her downstairs for dinner.

As Jenny walked down the stairs should couldn't stop thing about Solar, Rain, and Spectrum X. At dinner, Jenny's mom noticed that she was staring into a gaze. "Jenny!" mom called. but no answer. Jenny's  mom kept calling her, until she said, "Enough is enough." Jenny's mom got up and went to where Jenny was sitting and clapped her hands in Jenny's face. Jenny fell out of her chair. Her mom gasped, "Are you okay?" Jenny snapped, "Yeah, I'm fine! What was that for, are you crazy?" Her mom replied, "No, I noticed that you were gazing at the floor I kept calling you but..." Jenny then snapped again, "That's enough. I don't want to hear any more." "Okay," her mom said feeling horrible. Jenny's mom asked how was school. Jenny was so excited to tell her all about the conversation that she had with Mrs.Smith. Jenny said, "So today we talked about the Solar Eclipse and the chance of seeing other planets with the naked eye." Jenny just kept talking about how she is so interested in seeing other planets.

By the time Jenny was finished talking, she had seconds of her mom's delicious turkey and yellow rice, cheesecake, her dad came home, her mom washed the dishes, and her dad took a bath. Her dad said, "I guess you enjoyed school for once in your life that you non -stop talking for hours." Then she picked-up from where she left off. Dad said to mom,"What are we going to do with her?" Mom said, "That's your little girl." They both laughed. When Jenny finished, it was time for her to go to bed. Jenny said her prayers with her parents and went to bed.

Chapter 2: The Story in Space

Chapter 2
AS the dream continued... 
Jenny said, "I can help." But the aliens (Solar and Rain) did not want Jenny to get in trouble. The aliens said, "We must leave now." "Wait for me. I want to come with you," Jenny replied. The aliens (Solar and Rain) were fine with this idea, so they invited her on their journey. 
Jenny saw things that she thought she would never see in her life. Hours passed by, and they had arrived at SpectrumX (The alien planet). 
Jenny had fallen asleep. Solar had picked up Jenny and taken her inside the Motel and laid her down. The next morning Jenny woke up with the most disgusting breakfast she had ever tasted or seen. 

It was worms with dirt. The aliens saw this as the most delicious thing ever. Later that day, Jenny went exploring the mall and restaurants and nature parks with Solar and Rain. They laughed, played, and enjoyed the time they were spending together. The more the spent time together, the more Jenny saw them as soon to be Best Friends. 

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Went the loud noise of the alarm clock waking Jenny up from her dream. Following the alarm clock came mom banging on the door to make sure Jenny was up because Jenny sometimes ignores the alarm clock and goes back to sleep. 
"I'm up, mom," Jenny replied to the knock. Jenny got her new phone and turned off the alarm clock. Jenny had recently got an iPhone 7 because her iPhone 6S cracked. Jenny did her morning routine and went downstairs for breakfast. 
The weekend was over so that meant school.

After breakfast, Jenny and her friends Abrie, Aubrie, and Piper always meet at the first crosswalk. The all lived a couple of houses down from each other. As they walked, Jenny told them about her dream. "That is why you were acting weird the other day, Friday," said Abrie. "Yeah, I guess," replied Jenny. "Today Ms.Smith talked about space and this movie that she had us watch. She assigned us homework, and we had to summarize the movie." I was so excited to go home and write my summary. 
I went home and rushed to my room to do my work. My mom asked me, "What is up with you today?" "Homework," I replied back. Never, ever, ever have I ever wanted to do homework, but since I was so into space, I just wanted to do. After I did my homework, I took a shower and rushed downstairs for supper.
It was bedtime for Jenny, and she could not wait because she wanted to have another dream. And slowly she fell to sleep.

Chapter 3: The Story in Space

Chapter 3
AS the dream continued... 
Jenny's parents had no idea were Jenny was until they stepped into the room and saw a note on the bed. "She left the rainbow planet!" her dad yelled. Everybody panicked. The Police looked all over the town everywhere you can think of and no sign of Jenny. That night Jenny was thinking about her parents and if she would never see them again so she begged to get home by the morning.The aliens (Solar and Rain) thought that she was acting strangely because a few hours ago they were playing and having fun. They woke up bright and early to take her back home. After 30 minutes of driving, she fell asleep after a long night of no sleep.

Before she knew it,  BEEP, BEEP, BEEP went Jenny's alarm clock. But this time her alarm clock was set for 8:00 am. She thought that she set it at 7:00 am. She did what she did every morning and meet her friends. This morning her friends were first at the crosswalk and her mom and dad left before her. Jenny's friends were surprised that they were there before her because they are normally running around rushing to get outside. Abrie said, "That is not normal for you to be the last one the crosswalk. At the moment she notices that maybe her alarm clock was set back because she said that she wanted to have her dream and see the rest, and that happened.

At schools, she took a test and she almost failed because her mind was in the sky, What is up there? Her mom was so disappointed in her. She couldn't believe that she flunked her test. She took away her phone because she thought that was the reason that she flunked her test. She even went to sleep early she tried to explain but her mom was to fire hot. Jenny told her you never understood and went upstairs and cried.
Jenny's mom went upstairs and tried to talk to Jenny.