Cover: A Turtle Tale

Chapter 1: A Turtle Tale

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, on a planet far, far, away, in Andromeda named Seb-ney-vette, roamed aliens with their turtle pets. They were the peaceful creature, really, and they never wanted to do any harm to anyone.

One day, their leader, *!@#$%^&, was surfing the internet when he found himself on the latest news report.

"Hello, and good morning, I am Jessica Lopez here with the latest news from New York City. Turtles are now officially endangered. And now with the weather report."

"^#%*&!" said the leader. "Tell the others that we are going to take a trip to New York City." "Yes, master."

"Everyone! Listen!",said ^#%*&. "Our leader has been informed that the turtles on Earth have been endangered. we must go to Earth and take our turtle friends to safety. who's with me!" "Me!" said the turtles.

Chapter 2: A Turtle Tale

Chapter 2 

So the alien spacecraft got all their best weapons locked and loaded and set air for Earth.

A few light years later, the leader started to notice weird behavior coming from the ship engine. It was making a weird sound now and then that sounded kind of like lawn mower. And the controls would ignore him sometimes. So they decided to take a break and stop to see what was causing that puttering noise.

The leader thought it was the safest thing too. But when the leader pushed the button to turn off the engine, it didnt work. they still kept on moving and they were going to crash into Earth and hurt their friends!

A few light years later, they were about to enter the Earth's amosphere, when a big alarm started to sound.

"Master, what are we going to do! we are hurling into earth and we dont know where we are going to land!" said ^#%*&, his assistant. "I do not care!" said *!@#$%^&, "Just land!"

Chapter 3: A Turtle Tale

Chapter 3

As the alien spaceship was falling into the earth, a little girl named Blair was running around her backyard when all of a sudden she heard a big sound and so she quickly turned around and all she could see was a massive ship.


She quickly ran to a tree and hid behind it. out of the corner of her eye, she saw a weird looking creature coming out of the doors.

What she saw come out was a turtle. She was shocked! She decided to go and meet the turtles and ask it why it was there. 
When she asked it why it was there, it said that it was there to save it's turtle friends who were in danger of humans and their cruel intentions. She asked them to give humans a chance to save the turtles.

The turtles agreed to give them another chance to save the turtles, they left and wished them good luck to save the turtles. After she waved goodbye, she went to bed to think of how to save turtles. Will they succeed? Nobody knows.

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