Cover: Breaking News

Section 1: Breaking News


It all starts when Isa was looking for a job. She had just got a job to be a marine biologist and she was going with her mom.

She went down to the garage, where the car was, and found a strange but familiar book. She asked her mom if she knew about it but they were running late so her mom decided to leave it there and forget about it.

Isa was so curious about the book that she messed up the interview.


She was really sad but at the same time she was still a little concered about the book. As soon as she got home she went straight to her room and "fell asleep" but due to her being so eager to know about the book, she sneaked to the garage to get the book. She then realizes that the book was so familiar because...... it was her diary.

Section 2: Breaking News


She then thinks to herself, wait, didn't leave my diary on my nightstand?  She was very confused, if she had left it on her nightstand, then how did it end up here?

She picks it up to get a better look, and a CD drops out of it. She gets it to see if it has any writing on it since it didn't she puts it on her TV and what she finds is quite surprising.


She gasped in shock as she sees at 2030 Newsreel about the ozone layer