Cover: Captain Atomicon

Chapter One: Captain Atomicon

Chapter 1
As I open the door to go outside, I can smell all the toxic chemicals in the air. It smells like death and carbon dioxide. Ugh! I would hate to live in this place like my best friend Kaysia (Kaysia is a nuclear physicist, that is a type of scientist).
Oh, yeah I didn't tell you, I don't live here in New Mexico. Hi, my name is Jason Miller I live in New York by myself. I would have lived with my family in Ohio but my dad bailed on me and my mom when I was 3, and mom died in a car accident when I was 7. Grandma took me in when my mom died and raised me until I was 19, then I went to Colombia University in New York and that’s been my home ever since. Now, I am 24 years old and just graduated from college. I’m also single and ready to mingle. I came here to visit my grandma.

Grandma told me to go to Publix and get some bread, milk, eggs, and some jerky. Even though that barely costs 20 dollars, grandma gave me a 50 dollar bill and told me to spend the leftover money on whatever I wanted. Grandma is loaded; she made millions modeling for some makeup company that nobody remembers. 
I had walked halfway to Publix when this huge white light just erupted, then a second later a huge bang and a wave of air hit me. I was a blind, deaf, and off balance for about 10 minutes, then everything just went black. 
I wake up and can’t move, and I’m staring at this white ceiling. It took me about a minute to realize that I was in a hospital, then I start to panic.
I finally got a moment of assurance when I saw grandma sleeping in a chair right next to my bed. Then a nurse came in and had a surprised look on her a face when she saw me sitting up on my bed. I asked her what happened,
"Mr. Jason you have been in a coma for nearly two weeks," said the nurse.

The astounded look on my face might have shown that I want to know more because she tells me everything. She said:
"Mr. Jason you experienced severe brain trauma and loss of neurons due to a nuclear bomb exploding within a 1.82-mile radius of you. You also absorbed a lot of vita radiation that was emitted by the nuclear bomb's explosion. You will need to rest for another month or so to recover fully from that"
"But-" – I began to ask a question.
"No buts, Mr. Miller, you need to rest. You are very lucky to be alive right now." – interrupted the nurse.
Little did I know that that nuclear bomb would change my whole life.

Chapter Two: Captain Atomicon

Chapter 2
During my stay at the hospital, I started to notice changes. Like, I could easily lift 800 pounds and my reflexes became 100 times faster. In fact, so fast that I could see a bullet if it was traveling in the air, and if I wanted to, even catch it with only two fingers. Sometimes, everyone would move so slowly, it looked like they were trapped in time.
Now it's time to go back to grandma's mansion in New Mexico. I’ve never been happier in my life to get out of a hospital, but something feels different; like I left something behind even though I took about half of the room with me.
I get back to New Mexico and the first face I see is Kaysia's. I could definitely see that she grew in the last month. We decide to take a walk and I tell her everything, the explosion, how my time was in the hospital, and the things that happened to me. She finds the part about the weird things I could do and see in the hospital peculiar and we decide to run some experiments.

She tells me: "Ok for the first test, run as fast as you can". I ran like I always did but when I glanced at Kaysia it looked like she saw a dog that could speak, her face showed a mixture of excitement and amazement.

"You were fast!" said Kaysia 
"Oh, thanks!"
"No you were like abnormally fast, like a bullet"
"Well, it kind of felt different when I ran this time." I knew something was up when everything seemed to move in slow motion when I ran.
"What else can you do?" said Kaysia
"I dunno".
"Well let’s find out"
Kaysia took me to a junk yard. "Lift this" she said, pointing to a car that had been converted into pancake surprisingly enough it felt like a cotton ball and not a pancake-Car. Kaysia scribbled something down on the clipboard she had. We then went to a tennis court and Kaysia switched on what looked like a bazooka accept it launched Tennis balls instead of missiles, and at

the same time three balls were launched form the barrel of the tennis ball bazooka. I caught two in one hand and one ball in the other. Kaysia scribbled something else on her clipboard. When we were done, she told me to look to the clipboard it said: Super motility, Super agility, and Super strength
"You have superpowers," she said. I was in awe, then suddenly the clipboard lit on fire. I tossed it away.
"Oh my god, you have heat vision," said a man standing about a yard away.
"What? I don’t think so" I said
"You obviously do, you just lit that clipboard on fire with your eyes. How can I get that too?" said the stranger.
"Look, buddy I got these superpowers by being exposed to a nuclear bomb," I said.
"No you didn't, you’re lying." said the stranger.
"No, I’m not," I said.
"He's telling the truth," said Kaysia.
"No, your both lying, if you got exposed to a nuclear bomb you would have died. But it

doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me, I will get heat vision by myself and when I do I will be back and you will pay for being so selfish." said the stranger.
"We should keep an eye on that guy he seems a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs, and as for those superpowers we need to design you a suit" said Kaysia. "And you need to work out, have you ever seen a skinny superhero, cause I sure haven't." in time. 

Chapter Three: Captain Atomicon

Chapter 3
It's been about a week and strange things started since the conversation I and Kaysia had with the freaky dude at the park, all the animals like the skunks, coyotes, and Plain bison. Reports of these huge heard of Plain bison just disappearing into thin air, just gives me the chills thinking about it. I hear a knock at the door, then another. I look through the peephole in the door, it's just Kaysia, she's holding a red, black, and yellow spandex. I open the door.
"What in the world is that," I said.
"This my superhero friend, is your new suit," said Kaysia.
"Uh uh, there is no way I am wearing that. It looks like a bumble bee and a ladybug threw up in a spandex and you grabbed it and thought 'This would look great on Jason'. Well, you can keep your spandex that might cause a car crash, because when I'm out there saving the world people will too district thinking how I stupid I

look with that suit on to focus on the road."
"Whatever, but if you don't wear this your clothes will burn up due to the friction you cause while running that fast. Don't say I didn't warn you".
"Can't you just make the suit again with the color black this time, just the color black."
"No, this suit cost three thousand dollars and unless you got that kind of money just lying around then your out of luck."
"I'm broke, cause of my college loans. But where did you get that kind of money."
"I'm a world-renowned scientist, I got money alright, how do you think I got this Louis Vuitton hand bag. Now go put this on."
"Fine, but that doesn't mean I like this suit."
Putting on that hideous suit felt like trying to put on a pair of jeans five sizes too small, but I managed. But when I was done putting it on it didn't feel that bad, just a little tight on the legs. I go out to show Kaysia.
"I think this suit is kinda growing on me," I said to Kaysia.

"See it's not that bad," said Kaysia.
"What is that," said grandma.
"Grandma weren't you out to play bingo with your friends."
"I came home early to see how you were doing, oh hi Kaysia".
"Hi Ms. M"
"Oh, no need to call me Ms. M dear, call me Sofia. You know you could learn something from her Jason, she is so intelligent and beautiful and always so spontaneous. Maby you two should go on a date sometime."
"Grandma!" I said.
"Ok fine I'll leave, I will be in the movie theater if you need me".
"Your grandma's name is Sofia?"
"That's the first question you ask after that whole conversation." sometimes the questions that Kaysia asks are completely irrational.
Kaysia starts to answer but then there is a huge boom coming from outside of the house. "What was that?" says Kaysia.

"I don’t know, let's go check it out."
We go outside and there it is the huge boom. You might not believe this but that boom was a heard of bison ramming their skulls into Grandmas mansion. Why would they be ramming into grandma's mansion, what despicable actions has it done to deserve this kind of treatment? I and Kaysia stare in awe, "What is on their back" says Kaysia. I didn't notice the metal box on the Bison's backs, it looked like a backpack except a backpack doesn’t have red, green, and yellow wires coming out of it and the usual isn't metal. After about five minutes of staring, I come to my senses. I see a man with a huge controller like the ones used to play video games on an Xbox, it's the guy from the junkyard and he's yelling something I can't quite make out. I super speed a little closer and I can hear what he is saying: "I told you that you would pay." I hear Kaysia say. "What do you want, let those poor animals go you monster. Jayson so something he's controlling that innocent Bison."

"Aww, help them Jason." says the deranged man and booms an evil laugh.
"Hey, let those Bison go" I yell at the maniac.
"Who's gonna make me" shouts the physico
"This" I super speed toward him and grab the remote and crush it in my hand before he can even blink. The Bison stop ramming into the house and start acting more natural. 
"No, you ruined my beautiful cyborgs, I will be back, mark my words." screams the lunatic and runs away.
"You were right about that guy, he is crazy"
"These boxes are controlling the bison’s medulla in the brainstem to simulate anger toward your grandma's mansion."
"So, what can we do?"
"Well for starters we can make sure that guy doesn’t make any more of these and I can get these boxes of the bison's backs and the wires out of their brains."
"Well, how are we going to make sure he doesn’t make any more of these."

"Teach him a lesson he won't forget."
"Kaysia we should tell the police, we can get into serious trouble for taking matters into our own hands."
"Jason that man's harming innocent animals and he's going to keep doing it until we do something about it."
"Ok but if I get into trouble for this your paying for my hospital bill or my bail or maybe even both."
"Deal, but promise me you will teach that man a lesson"
"I promise."

Chapter Four: Captain Atomicon

Chapter 4
The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up, and whenever that happens almost always I’m about to be in some deep trouble. And surely right as I think it I see psycho from the park, 'crap now I have to deal with this guy' I think to myself. "You couldn't stay away could you," he said. He was holding another one of those remotes and had had a smirk on that would have gotten him arrested without the evidence of a crime. "Now that your alone I can finish you off," he said, "Attack" as he said it sounded as if a behemoth was charging at me, but the thing that was charging at me looked more like a Grizzly bear on super steroids rather than a mythical beast. It had white foam oozing out of its mouth and a metal backpack just like the bison. As it charged toward me I super sped to the right, it barely missed my head with its paw and slammed into a brick wall. It recovered quickly, I looked over my shoulder the guy was laughing like

Gabriel Iglesias the comedian was performing for him. It charged me again, this time instead of running I jumped and landed on its back and grabbed its scruff. I pulled it and the bear stood on its hind legs and tried to shake me off, I yanked harder it got on all fours and started charging toward the psycho. 
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed the psycho.
He dropped the remote and it was crushed under the bear's paw, the bear slid to a halt. It looked confused, I climbed off the bear's back and started to pursue the psycho who had a few brain cells less than crazy. Then I remembered that I had to get that backpack off the bear's back, I sighed and thought I would pursue the guy later. I rode the bear's back to Kaysia's lab, I was getting kind of tired of walking anyway and this was I could both keep my eye on this bear and also get a free ride, I got a few looks from the people as I rode the bear down the street. When I got to Kaysia's lab ringed the doorbell, she opened it

screamed then shut it again, the bear's one of the psycho's cyborgs. She opened the door a crack and i could see the fear in her eyes, 
"So, it's not going to shred me into pieces," she said.
"I hope not, then I would have the clean up the mess," I said.
"You have such a dark sense of humor" I laughed
"So, you gonna fix him or what" 
"Bring him around back." I did as she said. Kaysia came out with a toolbox in one hand and a computer in the other.
"So, you ran in to crazy again."
"When are you going to catch that jerk, and beat some sense into him?"
"I'm working on it."
"Whatever. I have to fix this pour boy, you can leave."
"That's it, no thanks?"
"I'll thank you when you catch crazy."
"Fair enough, see ya."

"Bye." Kaysia waved at me and started unscrewing the frame of the metal box off of the bear's back. I left the lab and started to walk to grandma's mansion. Now that I have super powers I can't imagine life without them, with this thought in my head I super sped instead of walking. I reach grandma's house, grandma's watching another one of her telenovelas. "No Estaban no" I hear from the theater followed by a " How was the day Jason" from grandma. 
"It was a great grandma," I said.
"Glad to hear that. You can order whatever you want, the money in my bag."
"Actually, Grandma I think I’m going to cook up some steak. You want one."
"Of course, I like my steaks medium rear and with extra salt." I strut to the kitchen and start cooking, as I do I think to myself 'Today was a good day'.

Chapter Five: Captain Atomicon

Chapter 5 
I wake to the sound of birds tweeting and maniacal laughing, wait that's not right. I put on my slippers and walk to my windows, I see phyco downstairs staring at me with a mischievous look in his eyes. "Oh, he's getting it this time," I say to myself. I slip on my suit and super speend downstairs. I slam the door open and there he is, with his scrawny body and a head too big for his body. Then an army of skunks and coyotes march behind, they have mini versions of the big metal backpack. "Are you kidding me, skunks?" I say loud enough for phyco to hear. He ignores me if you have ever felt the wrath of skunks stink you will know why I'm worried about the skunks more than the coyotes. I super speed to the head for rope and a net, the only one I had on hand was a fishing net and I didn't want to go all the way to the store to get another net, guess it's going to have to do. I super speed back and tie up phyco with the rope, but the skunks and coyotes are still armed and dangerous. So I use the net to

get them, but not before being sprayed about 10 times by skunks. Great now I have to go to the store to get tomatoes juice.
"Ha, I got you now"I taught phycoo.
He screams "Ahhhh get me out of this".
"No, you are going to be taught a lesson," I say to him.
I call Kaysia and tell her "Be at Cochitit Lake in 10 minutes."
"Why?" She asks
"Just be there, ok," I say.
"Ok," she says.
Cochiti Lake is the local lake. I super speed to Cochiti Lake carrying phyco and the mixture of coyotes and skunks in each of my arms. I get there and wait about eight minutes for Kaysia. She sees the skunks and coyotes and starts to run the other way, which was the exact reaction I had anticipated. So I superspeed to her and calm her down and explain to her what happened.

I say "Because if they weren't in a net they would all run away, and I have them because phyco was controlling them, and that stench is skunk spray."
"Wait you caught him?"
"Yup," I say with a grin.
"With a rope."
"Yea I got that far but how did you find him?" Kaysia asks.
"He found me," I say.
"Well then let's see what he has to say shall we," says Kaysia. When we reach phyco he is struggling to get out of the right knot I had tied around him. "Why did you harm those poor animals?!" Kaysia says and without waiting for a response slaps him.
"Hey at least let me explain myself," says phyco.
"Fine, explain yourself," says Kaysia.

Phyco sighs and looks at Kaysia with a pitiful look, "I'm sorry" says Phyco.
"Is that your explanation?" asked Kysia, phyco nods Kaysia slaps him again without warning.
"If you think an 'i'm sorry' is going to make me feel pity for you, you are mistaking," says Kysia.
"You're going straight to prison," says Kaysia. 
"But I thought you were going to deal with him," I said.
"I was going to, but prison is worse," said Kaysia. We call the police as an anonymous and leave. 
"Well we finally caught him," said Kaysia.
"Yea," I say. "Hey what are you doing Saturday night," I ask Kaysia.
"Nothing, why?" asks.
"Well do you want to go to dinner," I say. We stop walking and she looks at me. 
"I would like that," she says.
"Great, at six?" I say.
She nods and says,"Well I better go, see you on Saturday", and walk away. I super speed home and celebrate my huge victory.