Cover: A New Star

Chapter 1: A New Star

Chapter 1

It was around three thirty, only one hour until school let out. I watched intently out of the tiny, white window, tracing the movements of the sun, as it danced between the clouds.

Through the corner of my eye, I noticed Mrs. Smith vigorously scribbling random numbers on the board.

Algebra is as confusing and frustrating to me, as the thought of why my parents haven’t gotten me a dog house yet. I find myself counting the number of the tiny dots that are sprinkled all over the roof, like my friend Maria’s brown freckles.

After about ten minutes had elapsed, I counted four hundred and twenty dots. I decided to pick my head up and look around the classroom.

I saw Eva paying close attention to the board, and scribbling notes in her notebook. I looked the other way and saw my friend Kacey half asleep.

Before I knew it, the bell rang. The high pitch sound, ringing in my ears and screaming in my head.

I watched as all the kids sprang up from their desks and ran out of the classroom. Oddly, I sat at my desk not wanting to get up. “Ms. Kaliki, down on the dumps?” my teacher Mrs. Smith questioned.

I stared at the corner of the room, not saying anything for a long time. Finally, I answered her. “I guess.” I stammered. “I am just thinking,” I said, not making eye contact with her. I can tell Mrs. Smith is in a hurry, yet wants to help me.

“Come on Lucy, get up and put your things together, you are going to miss the bus.” she quickly says. I look into her gentle face, and throw on my backpack. She walks with me into the parking lot.

“You know Lucy, you are going to go far, I can see it. You have the passion, pride, and maybe not the work ethic in my class, but I know if you just put in a little more effort, you might enjoy it.” she laughingly says.

I smile. I really should start paying attention more. It might be useful to know how to solve for X one day. I wave bye to Mrs. Smith, just in time to see a swarm of kids hop onto the bus. I run. I make it just in time, before the big, yellow school bus pulls away.

I find my friend Kacey, sitting near the back, and quickly snag the seat. We exchange exhausted looks. “School felt never ending today,” I say. Kacey looks at me with her big blue eyes open wide, “I know, and with the tests in math, science, and history, I think I almost lost all my brain cells.” We both laugh.

I sit staring out the window. Kacey talks with some of the other kids in our grade. I watch as we pass houses of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Leaves blow in all directions. It is my favorite time of year. Autumn. Autumn is such a warm and cozy season. I can finally wear my high knee boats, and soft, cotton, jackets. I love seeing all the trees clothed with such vivid and colorful leaves. 

It makes me happy, just like a little kid playing with a kitten.The bus finally makes a sharp and sudden jerk.that I get the pleasure of opening every single day.

My mom and I walk, as the golden sun sets, leaving a warm feeling in the air. I look and see a baby bird chirp with excitement as its mama brings it a worm.

When we finally arrive home, I run up the never ending steps, that lead into our house. Automatically, my dog Bella runs up to me and licks my face.

"I am sorry I have not gotten you that dog house yet!" I laughingly say. I play with her for a solid ten minutes. I know this is her favorite part of the day. It is mine too.

I walk up to my room, and start on homework. I start with math. It seems easy. The numbers become alive. They are guiding me. They are helping me throughout the problem. It is as if I am solving the obstacle that they have been trying to tackle for the longest time.

It feels good when I finish the page. I decide to work on an English story for my teacher Mrs. Atnis. The prompt reads: If you could travel forward or back in time, where, when, and why would you go.

I pull out my pencil and begin to write. Everything becomes alive. My room feels like a time machine. My pencil is the lever; I have to pull and push the lever to drag me out of this world. All of a sudden, everything is different. I feel as if I am in a different world. 

Chapter 2: A New Star

Chapter 2

I look around me and see nothing. I know this is what it must have been like, before space and all the galaxies were created. When there was nothing. My body is like a tiny particle. Nothing happens.

I am being squeezed until there is nothing left of me.  Then emptiness becomes black. It feels as if I am flying. An odd coolness passes over me. My whole body feels on fire.

There is an abrupt pause. Everything becomes still. My head buzzes. I feel as if I am falling. On and on. Like I am under a spell. I try and grasp onto life. I try to grab the air, hoping it will save me, and I will magically be back in my small, tiny home, in Montpelier, Vermont.

Nothing happens. Finally, my whole body crashes onto a surface, with the biggest “thump.”

My body burns and now whatever I thought felt like fire, feels nine hundred times worse.  My eyes stay closed. My body stays burning. The next thing I know I am asleep.

I awake to an agonizing pain, that emits throughout my whole body. I feel as if I am chocking, grasping onto the air, and slowly dying all at the same time.

I hear voices. Voices that echo through my head. I am too weak to listen. I lie motionless. Every time I inhale, my lungs pull me and squeeze with all their might. I want to die. I want to shatter into a million pieces.

As I think this, I feel air being blown onto me. I hear the deep breathing of a creature, possibly a human. I cannot wrap my head around what. They are pushing on my whole body, and I feel as if I am going to explode. There is a pain so acute, that I feel nothing. My bones scream inside of me. I think it is the end. 

Chapter 3: A New Star

Chapter 3

I am told that I nearly died and that they thought there was no hope.

They are the creatures. The creatures tell me they do not have a name for themselves, but if I must insist, to call them, the Halukinumasanluka.

According to the Halukinumasanluka, I was lying on the floor, flopping like a fish that has been pulled out of the water. The Halukinumasanluka are very intelligent and tell me I was so sick because I am not used to the atmosphere.

Right now, I am breathing in the fumes of a star. I am located on the Haluki star, fifty thousand galaxies away. I pop open one eye and see the black of space, right in front of me. It is the prettiest thing I have ever seen.  The Halukinumasanluka, have hooked up several tubes and gadgets to me, that I had never seen, nor heard of before.

This is how they saved me. Without all of the Halukinumasanluka’s tubes and wires hooked up to me, there would be no way of survival.

The Halukinumasanluka have their own language; however, they are so intelligent, they can communicate with all other creatures. Their language is very different from that of Earth.

They use different sounds, connected with hand movement. They have many complicated hand gestures and symbols. When they speak to me, their voices sound like robots. A simple word like hello sounds like: He- Low. They take long pauses between syllables, which aggravates me.

The Halukinumasanluka are short and round, like barrels. They have a face, like us humans, and long pointy, fingers and toes. They are tiny and somewhat cute. However, their eyes are as dark as night. Despite their daunting looks, they are the kindest and most generous creatures I have ever met.

They could have left me to die, but instead, they saved me. That is an action I will never be able to repay. Now that I am settled on this planet, I am startled. I wonder why I am the one who has been thrown into this big mess of things. I have so many thoughts and questions to ask, that by the time I got through twenty, the Earth would be done revolving around the sun. 

I look out and see many other planets. There are so many different planets and stars that I have never heard of. They are full of so many different colors. I have never felt such a breeze. It is fierce yet soothing.

I look at the surface of the Haluki star and notice how many different lakes and mountains there are. I have met many of the Halukinumasanlukas. They are very nice and friendly.

They show me around the star and their home. Their home is very different from ours on Earth. The home of the Halukinumasanluka's is very developed and advanced. I would imagine their

homes to be like the homes of humans in the future. They have homes that are like domes. The doors open automatically just by standing in front of the door. With just two claps you can turn on or activate almost anything.

I wonder how long it took them to design it. I decide to ask, "How long have you been working on your home and buildings?" I eagerly question. They stare at me. "Th-th- ee- ss-ee aaa--rrrr-eee ssss-eee-cccc-rrrr-eeee-ttttt-sssss," they respond. Well, that takes care of that question.

The Halukinumasanlukas shuffle around, doing things I do not understand. They go in zig zags and pull out weird gadgets, performing experiments. They remind me of mad scientists. I begin to get tired. I decide to find a bedroom, just to take a quick nap. The next morning I woke up, everything was different.

The End

My head began spinning. I felt an excruciating pain throughout my fingers. I looked down and saw two halves of my pencil, lying in my palm.