Cover: The Life of Larry

Text: The Life of Larry

Larry was very interested in art at his school. He was the top student at his school, getting A .

The next day when he went to school before starting his art class, his teacher said that the next year the school would be closing the art program. He crying so much that the school started flooding, and that school had to be closed.

He came back home with frustration, and so, therefore, he didn't want to come back to school. He felt alone so he went to his grandmother.

As he got to his grandmother's house. Her grandmother asked "Larry! What brings you here?. He replied with saying that his mother had kicked if out, and that also that art program in his school had closed.

Now he had to stay with his grandmother. He had a daydream that lasted 5 years. When he woke up he couldn't believe that his grandmother was dead. But he did not know where to go.

He ended up on the streets with all his belongings, when it turned to night time he found a paintbrush. This reminded him of the time while he was in 9th grade in the program. With finding the paintbrush, he had a flashback of his time in 9th grade. 


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