Cover: The Revolution

Section 1: The Revolution

I was told I was asleep .... for 4 thousand years. I do not remember how or who, but I was put into a coma to live "longer". The experiment went well they said, but clearly it did not. They were not able to wake me up till now, that the tubes started growing into me and the other test subjects, David and Aaron.

They had to rip out the tubes from us causing a lot of bleeding. That's why we are still here at the hospital. I looked into some history on maybe a few thousand years ago and I found out what has been going on for the past thousand years. Aaron and David joined me to find out what happened in our slumber of pain.

"Wow", we all said, it's amazing yet disturbing on what happened. "Stupid Russia, helping terrorist attack us," said Aaron, I medium size young man with curly dry hair. David was a small young man who had frizzy hair and dark black eyes.
"the New World Order is our government, I guess," said David. "Well, that's enough, head back to your rooms for the doctors to check you," said a tall, slim, blonde nurse by the name of Patty. She was very nice and helped when we first woke up. Three hours later, the doctors said we are good to go. "Well," said David, "Where to?" "Let's go find somewhere to eat," said Aaron. 'Alright," I said, "let's get moving."

As we leave the hospital, we see the city, a run-down, crippling city. The streets are all cracked, we can hear screams in the distant and the smell of beer and smoke made us almost throw up. "Welcome to Chicago", said a sign. "This is horrific," I said, "Chicago was my dam hometown, now it looks like if it were hit by a nuke." "I am from Florida," said David, "So am I", said Aaron. "Let's get moving", I said. As we pass by the streets of Chicago, we notice a nice restaurant that isn't run-down. As we were seated, we noticed the news.
"Supreme Leader Insidious has found a secret base of the Revolution! He and his army swept the base killing every member of the terrorist group." When the food came, we ate it so fast and good like if we have never eaten in thousands of years. Well, that was true in a way, I do not remember my last my meal.

We overheard people talking about The Revolution, and how they have been helping the poor cities stay alive. Then one other guy talked about how corrupt The New World Order is. We all decided to go find out more about The Revolution.

As we dug into more intel on The Revolution and found out where they do recruits. An old Army base in Chicago, what coincidence that this happened. "A 3-hour drive," I said, " Alright, let's get the move on," said Aaron. We ended up stealing a car, an old Honda Civic from the year, 6017. "Nice Car," I said, "anyone knows how to drive it," said Aaron. "Nope, but there is a button called Drive-For-Me, put in the directions," I said. "You sure were at the right place? This is an old milk factory," said David, who worries too much about stuff. "SHIBA INU," I screamed, which was the code to say for them to come meet us.
Luckily all of us were in the best of shape, the experiment, when we were put into the coma it still kept our body in shape. Four tall men came to us and told us to get on the bus. After the few hour drive, we were told to wear blindfolds so we do not see the location.

Until we became true members of The Revolution.  When we got there we were given categories to choose, Aaron and I chose field combat, David chose vanguard.
We did simulations, then we did obstacle training, then hand on hand combat, after we did shooting range and finally we were told the rules and weapons we use. "We use Plasma Guns, the highest tech and strongest guns an army can have," said Commander Windfall, a tall, buffed man who was supposed to be one of the best the army had.  Once we finished, they told us who passed. I and Aaron passed with a few mistakes. David passed in the vanguard tryouts. "Welcome to the Revolution," said general Kodazak. 

Section 2: The Revolution

The General called me to meet with him. "Well done Captain on your latest mission." said the General, "But now we want you to choose a team, anyone of your rank is your choice.
"Alright, I want Aaron, the Field Officer and David the Bomb Technician." "Ok, that will be your team, you can inform them now." said General Kodazak, "Your mission will be given later today, good luck."  As I walked through the halls I saw David and Aaron talking about the latest news on our attack at the training facility. "So Aaron, David, I spoke to the General about a few things and he said I had to choose a team. I chose you guys."  "Thanks for choosing us." said both of them. Out of nowhere, the sirens started blaring and people started reporting "Code Beta"! "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK" screamed Sergeant Micheal. 

BAM, the doors exploded and men walked in shooting everyone they saw. "RUN" screamed David! As we ran through the halls, we heard more Plasma Gunfire in the distance.
We locked yourself in the armory with 2 others beside us, Bianca the Corporal and Blaze the Master Sergeant. Both were Field Agents, so they knew how to work a gun well. "Heres the plan," I said, "Wea re going to get to the communication room bring any other survivors with us. Gear up and let's get moving." "Yes, Sir" they all repeated. Aaron grabbed a PK-48 and a few Plasma Grenades, I grabbed two dual Plasma Westars, and David grabbed a Plasma Mini.
I was not able to see what the other 2 got. "Ready?" I said. "Always," said Aaron, the others nodded. BAM, we blew up the door and started firing. As we moved up I took out my whips and hit anyone that was shooting at me. "This feels like the Matrix," said Aaron. "What's the Matrix," said Blaze before getting shot at. "MAN DOWN"  screamed David.

Then Bianca got shot at 4 times saving the life of Aaron. Us three, me, David and Aaron were back at back shooting and whipping anything and anyone nearby us. Then we broke formations and took off safety mode from our guns. That's when we realized we could make it. As we ran through the halls ( David was slower caring his Mini) we took down anyone in our ways. Using the whips as if they were workout ropes... Them 3 knew at that moment, they were an unstoppable team. 

As we passed through a few waves we finally reached the communication center. But there was one problem, there was a huge mutated person. He was buffed and ripped, he was as tall as a bus. But we noticed something, his feet were tiny. Easy to knock him over. "Plan is David you distract him by throwing bombs at him while we cut off his legs."COME AT ME UGLY MONSTER" screamed David!

The monster was slow, so he started walking towards David. Some soldiers came in and started shooting at us, so we had to get them before the monster reached David.

"GUYS HELP, THE MONSTER IS GETTING CLOSER," David said in a lot of fear. I got a sharp piece of debris and started running towards the monster.

In mere seconds the Monsters feet were cut off. We locked down the base and asked for support. When we checked for survivors, we found 6 in an armory. "Support coming in a few hours, gather the bodies. Secure the base." 

"The attack left us at our knees, but we remember that attack as a day where we learned we must be ready for any attack. The three of us are ready for any fight. We will fight for Justice throughout the world and wherever we go.
We are the newest Commanders of the Revolution, David Commander of Vanguard, I Commander of training our men to be unbeatable and Commander of Field attacks. We learned that day that anything is possible if we do not lose hope. That victory inspired more to join the Revolution. The Revolution has new bases now and left Chicago. One day we will all be in peace and there will be no more war and conflict. But till then, we will fight  The New World Order till they are no more. This is not nearly the end, I rather think is the beginning of a new story.
A story of 3 friends who woke up from a coma into a new world. Fighting for the right cause" said Aaron.

"But now we lost a good leader Adrian, who was the person who told The New World Order were are base was and was part of the New World Order the whole time. Luckily we found out in time. He has joined them back an is a dirty rat to our brotherhood. We will show him, we are powerful enough to take down his men. Today we go in and strike every base The New World Order has. All our men are hearing and ready to strike on my go. I must inform, put kill on. FOR THE REVOLUTION, DEPLOY!" said Aaron. In a matter of seconds, every New World Order base was raided and destroyed. The New World Order has died, but what happens next is a story for another day.