Cover: Pokemon, the Story

Section 1: Pokemon, the Story


In a world where Pokémon are aliens. one man, one machine...

Okay, I know this is off topic. But this is basically an index for the people in the world who don't have any ground to stand on with Pokémon.

This section mostly involves moves. Moves are attacks/buffs/defects that the Pokémon can inflict on either itself or the opposing Pokémon. Types. Dark, fairy etc.

I made this guide just to be sure nobody got lost. wink


We begin in a dark world where there are only two things, our protagonist, Magerna and the other, Darkness.

One day, Magerna was created by a mad scientist. One being the smartest in the universe, the other, destined to wipe it out. With cuteness? -sigh- anyway, they put them on a planet. Earth, they lived together for some time, but one day, something happened.

Magerna was originally a mistake. It fired a laser and turned all the Pokémon to dark types and then its creator made it to a Pokémon, its typing was the fairy type when she fired the laser got turned in to dark types. They grew hatred for humans at that time. And thus begins our story.

Chapter 1, origin story

The machine was dangerous... yet nice... it was used for power but now... its the definition of power.

It turns all the Pokémon to dark types. Yet it turned into a Pokémon with the fairy typing instead of dark. Its ability is Soul Heart, which is the thing that turned the Pokémon to dark types, it only has a few months before she turns to a dark type itself...

But to make the universe back to normal, it will need help from its creator, Professor Sycamore. She had searched all over the world for him until she found him a secluded lab in a mountain range, Surrounded by orange rocks.

Magerna flies into the lab, bursting through the door. with deep breaths, she asks "Creator, I need you to help me! Please!" "Well... what's the emergency?." Sycamore said, looking at her with a suspicious look.

Chapter 2, It's made

"I know, I know, just kidding," professor Sycamore said, "I need a few days."

[A few days later]

"It's done!"

"Hello!" the robot said. Sycamore said, "your name is Genesect"  "We shall do our mission!" Genesect said and they walked and walked to do their mission and the mission is here.

Section 2: Pokemon, the Story

Chapter 3, the leader is close

"The leader is close, I can sense it with my radar!" Magerna said. "Your right! I have one too!" Genesect said!

Rayquaza comes down!  "THIS SHALL BE THE END! DARK TYPES RULE"! said Rayquaza. Magerna uses Fleur Cannon. "Guess this is a battle," said Rayquaza. "WELL, I USE DRAGON'S ASCENT!" Rayquaza said. Genesect uses Flash Cannon. Rayquaza fled! "This is not the last time," Rayquaza said.

Chapter 4, the armies

Magerna and Genesect were just hanging out at a restaurant (and Lugia). "Lugia, Genesect, I'm pretty sure that Pokemon eat free!" said Magerna. 

[A few hours later]

"Man they had some good food!" Lugia said. "Yeah," Magerna and Genesect said. "LUGIA, LOOK UP!" Lugia saw a UFO! Lugia used hydro pump!

UFO went down!

It was shadow bidoof! It was easy to beat. Really easy! It got caught by someone else... It had a green head. It's AN ALIEN! Magerna said, "You're the real leader!" The unknown figure said. "My name is Nebula!" uses telekinesis and uses a house to crush Lugia! "Ha missed me," said Lugia. "Lugia uses telekinesis to use the ufo that broke to crush him.