Cover: How It Happen

Overview: How It Happen

Prologue: How It Happen


2019: Military base somewhere in South Korea.

General Mcarther: What's the update on the threats? No, lieutenant, we have no major threats and no missiles have been launched, but war still remains imminent. We must be ready for another world war. Okay, sir, but one question, will we use the bomb? We might, but it is not in my intentions. Prepare to board the plane and go get ready, it is time for our patrol...

2020: War began after a North Korean nuclear attack followed by a response by the U.N.

2024: North Korea is close to defeat when the U.N breaks apart after arguments of what they should do and North Korea strikes back.

2026: North Korea goes down but with it, the Earth.

2028: As the world breaks apart, the human race evacuates. Only a few stay.

2030: After the loss of people, the earth can sustain itself from collapsing, but the earth is still breaking apart slowly.

Chapter One: How It Happen

Chapter 1

The evacuation is about to start after scientist discovered the Earth was crumbling from inside. Now it is time for the people to decide to stay illegally or go and start a new life. In the middle of this, all the mayor of Raleigh North Carolina receives a message from the white house. It was their turn to evacuate. As everyone prepared for the worst, they knew it was all over.

"The people who were going to leave are now boarding," says Sean's mother." No, I am staying!" says Sean. "Then I am leaving without you, you will have to fend for yourself." So Sean decides to stay illegally and fend for himself and others that stayed.



Chapter Two: How It Happen

Chapter 2

As the last rocket flies away few wave as they might never see people again. One of the people who stayed, General McArthur, returns to the base with him and his remaining men. Meanwhile, the mayor Kevin is sprinting for a rocket shuttle trying to get on the falls and doesn't make it. He screams but realizes he won't make it he dies from the blast!

Chapter Three: How It Happen

Chapter 3

With mayor Kevin is gone, vice mayor, General Mcarthur, takes control and starts to put things into place. Along with the others who stayed back, general McArthur helps Sean, a young scrawny teenager, to seek refuge and make a lab to conduct experiments having to go with the disaster. After a while of research, Sean and some others found out about the war speeding up global warming x4 with their factories.

Game Break: How It Happen

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Chapter Four: How It Happen

Chapter 4

"The world, it's falling apart, it's breaking..." Says general Mcarthur to the two new recruits that had just arrived at the vault, John, and Bob.  Both in their mid-twenties. Mcarthur continues... "We need to find a cure for this, a device that can turn CO2 into O2, a device that can stop global warming, a device that can save us all. John salutes Mcarthur to show his commitment.  After all, he did graduate as a chemist and his lifelong friend Bob had graduated in geography and as a marine biologist.  Both were ready to find a cure, to save the world, to become heroes.  A day later the entire team starts to work trying to find a cure.  Sean goes out to explore the wastelands while Bob and Mcarther try to hijack a satellite to get aerial images of the area they are at. Finally, John works with chemicals found in the vault to create

vaccines. Everyone was working everything was going according to plan until...

It was 3 AM. The team was getting ready to go to bed when a prototype accidentally turned on igniting a fire! The old vault had no fire alert system so the team was clueless. Until McArthur smelled smoke. Quickly alerting the team they headed for the exit when Mcarthur said, "We're not going to lose it all!!!" Leaping into the flames, he ran into the base to grab as much equipment a possible. As he as making his way out with a cart full of their technology, the fire spread right into the chemistry lab Causing an explosion. Mcarthur had two options, save himself or save the technology that could save the planet...

Chapter Five: How It Happen

Chapter 5 

There were two possible futures for the planet. One with Mcarthur but with a planet shattered with pollution. Or one without McArthur but with a possible saved planet. He knew what he had to do. He quickly inscribed a message on the side of the cart that carried the technology and slingshotted it through the fire. Outside the rest of the team waited quietly for their general. Suddenly out of the smoke the cart emerged.They quickly read the message and took a moment to honor their general. But they knew they had to move they could not stay stuck on this, they had to move on. As they began to move on to find a new base.

With General Mcarthur gone, everything becomes a lot harder and requires more skill. Sean starts to doubt himself and think that they will never save the

planet. He presents these ideas to the others and gets a shocking response. Bob says, "we may not make a cure, but I am sure as I can possibly be that we will die trying!"

Chapter Six: How It Happen

Chapter 6

The crew was fully at work. Day and night. They were going to avenge their leader. As time paced, the atmosphere grew weaker. Carbon dioxide was more plentiful and the world was about to end. But they had something up their sleeve. It had taken them 3 months to make a prototype and were finally testing it. "We have created a machine they would launch into the air that would scan and look for greenhouse gasses. Once detected, it will pull out a vacuum that will suck in their gasses and bring them down back to the base where it will be inserted in a machine that will purify the air and release it into an area in the lab that is filled with trees and wildlife like worms and birds to see the wildlife reaction. Then if it is a success, we will release the purified air into the world for it to be restored," Said Sean. We are prepared to save the world. One hour

later, the team was at the launch site with their most valuable possession at risk. It looks like this could be their last chance to save the world. As Bob prepared the rocket and loaded it with their special fuel. "T-minus 10, 9, 8," Said John. "7, 6, 5, 4," said, Bob. "3, 2, 1," said Sean. And off went their creation their, last chance their, only way to finish what their leader started. 

Chapter Seven: How It Happen

Chapter 7

The rocket made quick progress reaching the stratosphere and all most immediately running into CO2. After collecting all it could. When it reached the lab again, it landed perfectly on the landing pad and almost 3 minutes later, all the gasses captured were inputted into the machinery. It took roughly 3 weeks to purify all the air collected by that one load. By the times it was done, three more loads were waiting. But it was a success and the wildlife responded excellently, no side effects. It was like normal oxygen in the air. The next thing that they began working on was a radio signal that could tell the rest of the human race to return, but you had to live under certain conditions like CO2 realize regulations and completely banning CFCs ensuring that this would never happen again.